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Titanic Essay

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Lee Welshman 11AJ English Coursework - Titanic Essay Many people across the world watch films. It is so popular because it puts a story on the screen and into life so that people can see it. People watch films for the entertainment value, or are simply too lazy to read and enjoy the magic of a book. The advantages of watching a film at the cinema rather than on video is the bigger screen, and the surround sound, also the atmosphere. This all adds up and creates a bigger impact than a video. People make films to tell a story or get a message across, such as "Pearl Harbour," which tells us the story of a real historical event through the eyes of a fictional love story, very much like "Titanic." Or "Shrek," which puts a message across through the tale. Some films are just made purely for entertainment value, or to make money, such as the Harry Potter films, that were built up from a very popular book franchise. In film they use different camera shots for different reasons, such as:- > Close Up - with this shot, you can see the emotion on the face of the character; they use it to show the emotion more clearly. > Long Shot - The use this type of camera angle to show a large shot of the set or in the case of "Titanic" the boat. > Point of view shot - These are used to show you what the character can see, a good example of this in "Titanic" is when Rose is stood on the end of the boat looking out to sea, > Medium Shot - These show the characters body and face, and are used a lot. ...read more.


Rose is first introduced to us twice, ages 101 and when she was younger going onboard Titanic. When she is older, I think she seems like a very normal nice old woman, mid-class and has a caring family. Whereas the younger Rose seems like a bit of a snob by the way she reacts to the Titanic when she first sees it. She is obviously very rich, and leads an upper-class life. We can tell that she is a nice person, even though she wears a "snob mask" at the beginning of the film, later on we find out the true her. She is shown as someone who is not afraid to ask questions, unlike many women of that time. She asks about the lifeboats and their capacities. When we first meet Jack, he is gambling in a bar. We can tell that he is poor and doesn't have much to his name. We can tell that he is very cunning by the way he plays cards and wins. He is shown as a very nice person who cares deeply for Rose. He doesn't seem to care about the class rules, which shows he is a true romantic because he is willing to defy those rules for love. He cares very much about Rose and her safety, even over his own. This is shown at the end, when he lets her sit on the floating table, while he stays in the water, knowing that he will freeze to death. Cal is Rose's fianc´┐Ż and is introduced getting out of his very expensive car and getting his man servant to do favours for him. ...read more.


She does this by dropping the "Heart of the Ocean" in the ocean. I think that it shows Rose with all her pictures with her because it shows how far she has come in life, the impact that Jack had on her. It shows her riding on a Horse like a man would do at that time and various other things she wouldn't have done if she continued as she was before meeting Jack, like fly a plane. If she hadn't met Jack, she wouldn't have done any of these things. I think that the theme tune is significant, because it is titled "My Heart Will Go On," I think this is saying that Rose's love for Jack will continue even though he is dead, which is shown when she returns to him at the end. He is still waiting for her, and he still loves her. Even though their physical love has ended, their mental love will go o forever. I think that the film "Titanic" was made to retell the tragic events that happened, to make our generation live it all over again, get involved in it, be sad about it. By telling us the story, we can tell what it would have been like for someone who went through that, and we can emphasise with them more, and if a film can make someone do that, I think that it make them a better person for it. I think that the events that happened on April 14th 1912 are some of the most horrific and saddest I have ever heard of, and I think that this is a great film and it will truly be loved for generations to come. ...read more.

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