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Titanic - original writing

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ENGLISH COURSEWORK Titanic- original writing The gloomy day is still fresh in my head. A desolate place in freezing conditions torments my dreams, but the ship is still desirable for in my dreams, the mahogany rooms and being in America. Those dreams still torture me still as they cannot become a reality. My name is William Hamburg. I was a forty-year-old stockbroker, and needed a new tension free life; one with no quarrels with people that I may have disappointed. The Titanic was a key to freedom and pleasure in a new country and with new prospects. The opportunities that could have been available to us were unimaginable and priceless. As an expert in financial assets, I still believe that America is the country to be living. As a farther, I would have liked my children to grow up and then look after me in my old age with my life companion, their mother. Jim, Jack and John, my three sons still young to enjoy their youth had to come, as this was a family move. The price was high but to travel at the highest possible class to a new start, to new dreams I believed it was is worth every penny. The date was April 10. All classes anticipated the maiden voyage for the greatest and most lavish vessel afloat. This may have been a mere pleasure trip, a society outing for the wealthy but This voyage of the world's biggest and most significant vessel afloat would also be a major stepping stone for the underprivileged population of England. ...read more.


As I walked the recently polished decks it lead me to the front end of the ship where my significant other followed. Were she stood in front of me as we inhaled the fresh sea air, it may have wrenched of sea weed but it was as fresh as anything. The icy tides colliding with the steamer could also be heard, the sound was a loud thudding noise as if being shot at. Holding the hand next to me comforted me. Inside of me, the ship scared me for my own reasons. Turning back the captain looked and the thick black smoke could be seen sweeping the decks. Looking lower I saw a rare moment, a poor family bonding, their body language showed me that their emotion for one another were meaningful. The peculiar scene that I had bean witnessing is that all the families on the lower deck were attached to each other and energetic about their other siblings and folks. This is moment that will never occur to a rich farther as house cleaners and butlers did the job that they were meant to accomplish. The great Titanic really was a bringer of emotions. When looking on, my own deck only a minority was united. It was the night of the fourteenth of April it was a cold and miserable night outside with the temperature still dropping. The weather was calm yet unsettling within my stomach. All passengers already had turned in to their cabins to recapture the warmth of the ship whilst others prepared for the great banquet. ...read more.


A few final boats remained it could hold half of the queue. By now, the front had submerged. My family boarded and all the men said farewell to the people that they could not love again. The boat lowered and those small weeping faces looked up to what they would never see again, they new that there was not another boat that could save their daddy. The boat got on the waters and moved along, but with each face looking back. The first boats could be seen in the horizons but not coming back as they fear the infestation of people climbing on. I jumped and dived into the debris below. A thought of wearing a lifejacket had aided me. A boat that was turned with no man was my way out. It turned and loaded the boat with people that had a chance. The temperature was dropping and horror surrounded it. All was quiet but weeping could be heard. The lights were flickering and failed consuming the surroundings into darkness. The boat had survivors but it was not full. I rowed in. She had lost the funnels and lives but was still floating. She snapped but was still fighting, to be submerged again by the icy water. The ocean would now be the final resting place for all these souls. The iron queen is now to rest in the infestation of creatures at the bottom of the great sea. She had gone, but the doomed could not be helped. The distress of all those that surrounded me cannot be expressed but they had reason. We rowed in to the floating grave but the weep that could be heard had faded. The agonising screams were finely replaced by the silence of the dark night, what remained was a morgue. ...read more.

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