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Titanic original

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Titanic I couldn't believe this was happening, I was about to board the famous 'unsinkable' ship, Titanic. This was a once in a life time opportunity. Even though I've been on lots of different luxurious ships, this one will be the very first one I'm going to enjoy the most. As I'm standing here, on the dock, waiting to be asked to aboard, I feel the exciting atmosphere wrapping around me, an atmosphere you can't get out of. A few minutes later, after every one of us had gotten on board, I started to have this weird feeling, like a knot in my stomach, but then I thought, how can I have a knot in my stomach, if there was a baby growing inside of me?! I'm 12 months pregnant, and I'm on the ship with my husband Dylan. This is all very exciting for us; maybe my baby is feeling the same too. I and my husband are planning to start a new life in New York, America, As Dylan took me to our room for a rest, ...read more.


So I just stood there watching this fascinating show that is going on. And hoorah, the young man, Jack Dawson, has finally succeeded his persuading to the beautiful young lady, Rose Dewitt Bukater. But unfortunately, when Rose's fianc´┐Że arrived at the scene, they all thought jack was trying to rape her, which was very understandable because of what they were doing but.......... The down point is, all their screaming and shouting has made my baby angry, it started kicking me inside. I collapsed on the floor, in agony of pain, I didn't know what to do, I tried to shout for help but I didn't have the energy to. I just laid there in the cold, waiting; waiting; waiting. When I opened my eyes, I was lying on my cosy, warm bed with Dylan next to me, "Are u alright, darling?'' was the first thing he said. I felt like I was heaven, or maybe that was just a dream, I felt warmer, happier then I ever could. ...read more.


As we were rowing away from titanic, I heard people screaming for the boat to come back and wait for them. Then something terrifying happened, the titanic broke into halves, one was sinking quickly into the water, and people sliding down to the ocean, some people thought the easiest way to survival was to jump, and so they did, but obviously, not many of them survived. I was very worried about Dylan, I didn't what was going to happen to him, I couldn't be sure he was going to get a life boat and get out of there but just as I was thinking about Dylan, I had this feeling again, my head kept spinning and spinning non-stop, then I heard people rushing towards me saying all sort of stuff and I couldn't hear them properly, it was all blurry and slurry. And when I opened my eyes, I was lying in bed, with my new born baby, little Jessie, and that's when I realised that was just a dream, a dream about the past; a dream of what happened 2 months ago; a dream which I cannot get out of my head. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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