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Titanic - Retold by Cassie

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Titanic - Retold by Cassie By Michelle Holmes My name's Cassie and I have a story to tell. This is the story I remember. I can only tell you this story without the facts, I can tell you it the way it happened to me. I can't tell you how long ago it happened. I've lost all sense of time. My mind is warped and I don't really understand what happened that night. I guess my story must begin on Christmas day 1911. I was 8 at the time. I lived with my father George Turn. We lived in a little flat in Southampton, and he was my hero. I never knew my mother; she died when I was young so my father was all I had. Back to Christmas day, I woke up and ran out of the bedroom into the main room. We had a rather pathetic looking Christmas tree this year but me and father had put some coloured rags on it. Under our Christmas tree there were three parcels. One of which was from me to my father. The other two I guessed were for me. ...read more.


We woke up fairly early the next morning and as father went to play mild cards with some gentleman Pete and Andy took me on deck. Andy was attracted to a very pretty lady with a large bust and he went off to talk to her. Pete took me to the railings and pressed me against them telling me I was the Queen of the World. "If I'm the Queen, who's my King? " I asked. "Whoever you want." He replied. I couldn't think of anybody at that time, but he quickly filled the role. "I'll be your King then!" he laughed. "Yep you'll do" I yelped as he tickled me to the ground where I was in fits of laughter. I was a most sophisticated lady, of course! In the afternoon Andy took me up to the First Class level. We looked through the windows and we saw Mr John G Butler dining with a very posh man, who father later told me was a film producer called Mr Gilliam. We pulled faces at Mr Butler and he tried to keep a straight face. Me and Andy carried on pretending to be posh until we bumped into the busty woman, who he went off with. ...read more.


I was scared, the tears kept flowing, I couldn't see anyone I knew, most of the people around me were strange men. I felt a hand on my shoulder, It was Pete. "I came back for my main girl." He laughed. "You didn't think I would leave you behind did you?" He wiped a tear away from my face. He pulled me towards him, placing me on his lap. He started to tell me a joke about an Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman when from the door heading to all the lower class rooms, burst through water. It was thick and fast. I held onto Pete, he kissed my forehead. "Goodbye Cassie" he whispered. The water hit us; it was icy cold and heavy. I sunk to the bottom of the floor. Andy held my hand but we knew there was no way we could survive. That's the last I remember. The rest is a blur. Where am I now? Good question. I have no idea. As I said my mind is warped I have no sense of time. Because where I am now, every second feels like a minute, every minute like an hour, every hour a day. Days become years and who knows what year it is now. For the date and time have no use when you're just a spirit at the bottom of the ocean. ...read more.

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