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Titanic Survivor Story.

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Wednesday 12th February 2003 Titanic Survivor Story What is this story about? I hear you ask. It's about me, me and a ship. An unsinkable ship. They called it the ship of dreams. What a joke. The memories came flooding back into my head: The horrific screams of the young sobbing children, the crying of rock solid business men who looked on resolutely at their wives and children being rescued while all along knowing that they are staring death in the face, that they may not see their children grown up and that their family could go to ruins without them. What could they do about it? Absolutely nothing. There I was, Antony Robinson, aged 40 at the time. A journalist from London who had just been given an assignment. My job was to travel to New York and complete a report on the New York lifestyle. I am used to traveling you see, but this time was different because in my right hand I was holding a 2nd class ticket for a trip on 46000 tons of sheer class. It was said to be the most luxurious ship ever made. I could hardly wait for my chance to travel on it. There I was, 10th April 1915, it was the day. ...read more.


I set off into the first class section as I thought this is where the most interesting things would be found. I wandered around for about 30 minutes and didn't find anything of interest until I found a staff only door at the end of one of the 1st class hallways. I thought that this was an odd place to have a room for the staff so I decided that I would explore. As I walked up to the door it suddenly opened and a man came out of the room, "Can I help you Sir?" he asked in a deep voice. "No, I was just walking around the ship and found myself here?" I replied as I started to get increasingly worried about what was actually in the room. "Alright then just make sure that you stay away from this room you may get yourself into trouble." The words sent a chill through me and I swiftly left the area and went back to my room. If you asked me now why those words gave me such a chill I would not be able to tell you. The room could have just been for staff only. ...read more.


I decided my best escape route was the staff lifeboat so I dashed to the room as fast as humanly possible. The staff were already in their lifeboat as I ran up beside it. They didn't see me. I couldn't believe it. This was my only chance of survival and it was slipping out of my hands. As an impulse reaction I leaped through the air ................................. 'CRASH' I hit the side of the ship with an enormous thud. The noise alerted the staff and they opened the door for me. I crawled in slowly; hitting the side of the boat took its toll on me physically. A member of staff steered the ship out into the open ocean as I turned around to get a glimpse of the carnage behind. It was horrific to say the least. Dead bodies scattered all over, floating, as if they were just planks of unwanted wood. Women and children crying on lifeboats, they had lost there family. As I turned back the ship snapped in two pieces. I felt lucky to have escaped. My prayers went out to the passengers caught on the ship when it went down, I couldn't imagine what it would have felt like. To be honest I didn't want to be able to, just watching the ship was enough to scar me mentally for the rest of my life. ...read more.

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