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Title: Review two stories for a magazine called "Crime Monthly", saying why such old examples of the crime genre are still popular today. IntroductionMany people say that the short stories of Sherlock Holmes

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GCSE Coursework Draft: pre 1914 prose study Title: Review two stories for a magazine called "Crime Monthly", saying why such old examples of the crime genre are still popular today. Introduction Many people say that the short stories of Sherlock Holmes were the best detective stories ever written. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote these stories, which were first published in the Strand magazine in 1890. These stories included "A Scandal in Bohemia", "The Hound of the Baskervilles", "The Copper Beaches", "A Case of Identity", "The Man With The Twisted Lip" and others. People in Victorian England really enjoyed reading the stories, the main reason for which was that there were many murderers running free at the time, which the police force couldn't catch so people didn't believe that the police was sufficient. Arthur Conan Doyle's character was very liked because no case seemed to challenge him and he always defeated the evil villain. "The Red Headed League" was first published in 1891 and "The Speckled Band" was first published in 1892 in the Strand magazine. One of the key elements of Victorian detective stories is that the crime must be solved by logical means, not by supernatural causes or by a lucky accident. This is what happened in all of the Sherlock Holmes' stories. ...read more.


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson follow clues to make deductions and solve the crimes. The first clue in "The Red Headed League" was that the clerk agreed to work for half wages which meant that he was either not very clever of he had a special reason for wanting to work at the pawnbrokers. Holmes assumes the second is true. The advertisement for the Red Headed League was another clue because it seemed almost as though it was targeted at Jabez Wilson, which was very suspicious. The nature of the job was another clue because it was use-less therefore we could deduct that the job was merely an activity that would get Jabez Wilson out of the shop. Then when Jabez Wilson described his assistant Vincent Spaulding, Holmes instantly recognized the description and realized that his real name is John Clay and he's a murderer. Spaulding's interest in photography and his stained wrinkled trousers suggested that he did something dirty in the seller, like maybe he was digging a tunnel. Then Holmes tapped on the payment in front of Jabez Wilson's shop and the tunnel wasn't there, so he went to the back of the shop to find a City and Suburban bank, which is probably the place were the tunnel is going to. ...read more.


In contrast, Sherlock Holmes seems very generous because he doesn't even want to accept money for his service, he said that his "profession is the reward" so he obviously really enjoys what he does. These motives reveal that Victorian society people were very worried about money, and people had money problems just like today. So, in conclusion, I think that the Sherlock Holmes stories are some of the best detective stories ever written and I really recommend then to everyone, especially people who like pre 1900s stories and people who like the detective genre. I think the key parts of the stories that would appeal to a modern reader are the denouements in the two stories, because it is very interesting at the end to find out how Sherlock Holmes solved the mystery or crime. These are the parts where the suspect is revealed and the reader is told how Sherlock Holmes solved the mystery. Out of the two stories I think I preferred the Speckled Band because it has many twists and red herrings in it, which makes it very interesting. I would also very strongly recommend "The Man With The Twisted Lip", because it is a great story with a very big twist at the end, I really enjoyed reading it. By Olga Kalashnikova ...read more.

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