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No title Start scene in a brightly lit living room with 2 sofas. A large T.V in the corner of the room is set to BBC 1 Evening news. Only Jack a 15 year old and Caron 40 years old are home with Jacks friend Vicky. Caron is Jacks mum, Vicky is his best friend also 15 Caron: Jack have you done the washing up? Jack: No, I will do it after Vicky goes home. Vicky: Don't let me stop you I could give you a hand if you like me to? Jack: No its o.k. I will do it later you're a guest! Caron: He basically means he can't be bothered to do it now! ...read more.


Jack: (Shouts) That's dads car! Caron begins to shake Caron: (panicky) but...he should be home...the driver was drunk your dad has given up Vicky: Maybe some one has stole his car Pause Caron: What can I do should I try phoning him? Jack: Good idea mum Caron leaves the room to try phone Paul Vicky: (softly) I'm sure he'll be fine, it might not defiantly be him! Jack: (shouts) ARE YOU DEATH? IT WAS A DRUNK DRIVER MY DADS AN ALCOHOLIC WORK IT OUT! Caron re-enters room Caron: (to jack) don't shout at Vicky it's not her fault she is only being nice to you! Jack: Yer mum your right. (To Vicky) I'm sorry Vicky it's just nothing makes sense right now. ...read more.


Bursts into tears again Jack: (begins to cry) Mum please tell me he is ok! Vicky puts her arm round jack and pulls him close. Caron: He is unconscious in hospital. Doctors have no idea how he will come out. Vicky: Oh my days! I am so sorry both of you. Jack: It's not your fault... (Begins to get angry) IT'S HIS FAULT HE WAS THE ALCOHOLIC HE WAS THE IDIOT WHO WAS DRIVING I HATE HIM! Jack storms out of the room a few seconds later audience hear a door slam Pause Vicky: I will go talk to him. Caron: Ok love Vicky leaves room Long, pause Caron is sat crying head in hands Knock from front door Caron: O god there here Leaves room then shortly re-enters with two police officers Officer 1: I'm very sorry about your lose maim Lights dim End scene ...read more.

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