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To analyze and explore carol's character in Our Day Out.

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Our Day Out Aim: To analyze and explore carol's character in Our Day Out The main themes in this pay are Authority, Child-Adult Relations & Power; themes are demonstrated in numerous ways i.e. in the scene on the cliff at the end of the play carol threatens to jump off the cliff and Briggs is powerless to stop her, it also shows her challenging his authority and eventually reducing him to begging. The characters in the play are Mr Briggs a rule-loving teacher, Mrs Kay a 'cool' teacher who wants the kids to have fun as opposed to Briggs who thinks that they should learn but not have fun, Carol who is one of the poorer children who go to Mrs Kay's 'special' class. ...read more.


play turn out to be quite insightful and intelligent, Mr Briggs has a key role and really represents the reversal of power that the play embodies, his authority is challenged repeatedly by the kids but Carols overturns it. The scenes where Briggs is challenged are mainly at the beginning and middle and then there is a break in that particular theme after which carol's cliff scene takes place and overturns the themes of the play. The play follows the kids as they leave Liverpool ad go to the zoo, the caf�, the castle, the beach, the cliff, and the fair and then back to the school. The idea that the kids are a group is shown when Les says "you lot" and when the zookeeper says "they're not kids they're animals..." ...read more.


educated and that the "factories of England must have their fodder" The themes of the play are all quite similar and tend to deal with the children as opposed to the adults, this show that Willy Russell meant them to be the focus of our attention when studying this play. The cliff scene is directed in a good way as it has all the power in the hands of Carol one of the least trustworthy kids, and strips Mr Briggs of all his power. As she is able to ruin his career with one move and tell him that the only reason he cares is because he'll get it in the neck if she dies. The play is complicated but enjoyable and Carols character at the beginning is very different to what it is at the end. ...read more.

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