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to and for gay adoption

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Personal Writing: Non Fiction Task: Write a speech arguing either for or against same sex adoption In 2004 a law was passed, the Civil Partnership Act, making gay marriage (civil partnerships) legal, though gay couples cannot marry in church. On the 5th September, 2005, the law came into operation. If it has been agreed that gay couples are allowed to be married, surely gay adoption should be the next stage forward? However, if the parents truly want their child to grow up as a well balanced adult, they need role models from both sexes. It also could be argued that children raised by gay parents are only offered one partnership model and therefore are more likely to be gay. more.


The helpless child that is being adopted into a family with gay parents has no say, which could affect the child's life massively, and potentially ruin their childhood. Since time began, the traditional family has always had a mother and a father figure. We have to remember we are a 'Christian' country - even if few go to church, our values remain based on Christian teaching. Two parents are axiomatic - 'Honour thy father and mother', invokes the Fifth Commandment. Flippantly changing rules for something as important as adoption could, and would, change our country forever. Moving on to the effects on the child's childhood. Only 0.2 per cent of households are same-sex couples. Allowing gay adoption is more about normalising homosexual behaviour than about increasing opportunities for adoption which is completely wrong. more.


It has been found that even researchers who support gay adoption admit that children brought up by gay parents have a larger chance of being homosexual. Therefore the parents wouldn't just affect their adopted child's childhood, but in fact his or her whole life. Should a homosexual couple have the right to do this to an innocent child? Would you mind if it had happened to you? All these questions, but some children won't even get that choice if gay adoption is made legal, so, ladies and gentlemen, if you could honestly say you want to go against religion, change and maybe damage many children's childhoods and in turn, their whole lives, then go ahead, support gay adoption. In my eyes, however, there is no question: homosexual couples can find other ways of interacting with children if they are that keen. Everyone should be equal. Charly Wood more.

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