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To begin with I will talk about the male sitcom characters that I have chosen.

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Sitcom Characters To begin with I will talk about the male sitcom characters that I have chosen. Firstly I will discuss Nicholas Lyndhurst's character in Only Fools and Horses. He plays Delboy's younger brother Rodney. Unlike Delboy Rodney is very innocent and almost put across as a bit simple. He isn't very worldly and it is made perfectly clear that he isn't a well-travelled or well-educated individual. He was only young when the series started and was very naive. He looks up to Delboy, as he is his only role model and his guardian. He likes to feel independent and in his own stupidity ends up showing himself up without the help of others and when he doesn't succeed in doing so Delboy does it for him. Rodney lives in a flat in a tower block in Peckham, London with brother Delboy and his grandfather lived with them before he passed away. Since then there 'uncle' Albert has stayed with them until he also passed away. Rodney's image is emphasised by his actions, appearance and family life. As the series has progressed Rodney has matured a little and he has been forced to accept some ways of life. ...read more.


Michael Crawford was the actor chosen to play the part of Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do Av' em and what a part it is. Frank is one of the most accident-prone characters on TV. His supreme ability to annoy people within the space of five minutes and na�ve characteristics give him the talent to make everyone laugh. Frank is very easily led and doesn't like to think wrong of anyone or anything. His well-known response to any comment slightly risky or action slightly controversial was the famous startled "oooh" with a strained expression alongside it. Also he was famous for his dress sense or should I say lack of it. He was very old fashioned; his permanent attire was a raincoat and beret worn atop tight trousers and a gaudy tank top, which he even wore in bed to the disgust of his wife. He has a well-mannered, well-educated wife whom continues to stick by him even though he almost sends her round the bend. As Frank was so sensitive and a main target for ridicule his wife was his backbone and often had to stand up for him. ...read more.


She is very compulsive and can sometimes be childish. She is to some degree quite spoilt or at least acts spoilt. You can imagine her jumping up and down, shouting and stamping her feet when things don't go the right or she doesn't get her own way. However she is still known as the backbone of the group, the leader. She is the bond that holds them together and helps them all through their stressful times. Monica is very dependant on relationships and having people close to her. Monica is known for her want of a baby and she even gave up the man she loved because he didn't want children, then she started a relationship with Chandler and is currently trying for a baby. Monica and Chandlers relationship has brought a lot more comedy to Monica's role especially in the new series. Her eccentric ways of wanting everything to be perfect give her great sense of humour. Her perfected way in life is also shown within her image. Her hair, makeup and dress sense is all up to date and is always precise and neat Even her apartment is perfectly tidy and exact. ...read more.

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