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To Compare And Contrast The Two Poems I Am Not That Woman And The Bridegroom Focussing On The Themes And Poetic Devices.

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Monica Shah To Compare And Contrast The Two Poems I Am Not That Woman And The Bridegroom Focussing On The Themes And Poetic Devices. The two poems I will be comparing and contrasting the two poems called 'I Am Not That Woman' by 'Kishwar Naheed' and 'The Bridegroom' by 'Liz Lochead'. I will be comparing the themes used and the poetic devices with the similarities and differences both writers use in these similar but not so similar poems. Both these poems have been written in the 21st century which are new but they talk about customs and traditions which are dated very old. In 'The Bridegroom' 'Liz Lochead' writes in a traditional humorous style. She talks about her wedding and how it should be laid out. She describes the perfect bridegroom that's fit for her. She thinks that the bridegroom spoils the look in the wedding but after the marriage it he is the most important thing for the woman. In 'I Am Not That Woman' 'Kishwar Naheed' looks at a more cultural and serious issue on the poem. She writes a much longer poem and has a set pattern/ structure all throughout the verses. She talks about her past and how she was used into thinking that her husband loved her and how suddenly she got bounded off by the weight of custom and traditions. ...read more.


They both use repetition and alliteration to make the poem even more interesting not dull. In 'The Bridegroom' she uses 'tall' and 'highest high heels' to emphasise the meaning of things. In 'I Am Not That Woman' she uses 'flower free' and 'I am not that woman selling you socks and shoes' as repetition through out the poem. Both 'Liz Locked' and 'Kishwar Naheed' use objects and nature to describe things in similes, alliteration, metaphors, repetition and rhyme. 'Liz Locked' uses 'more than a penny stick of liquorice' to show that the bridegroom is not worth anything. Here she uses a metaphor. 'Kishwar Naheed' '... you hid in your walls of stone while you roamed as free as the breeze... smothered by stone'. Here she uses alliteration. She means that the man is free whilst he has confined her from the outside world. When is comes to the end of both the poems they are both outspoken and end with an exclamation mark (!) to show their feelings. 'Liz Locked' uses 'don't forget is ha! another matter and 'Kishwar Naheed' uses 'No, No, I am not that woman!.' There are many differences in these two poems firstly the main theme looks at marriages at two different angles. 'The Bridegroom' looks at a more hysterical and funny side to Marriage which is more positive. ...read more.


In 'I Am Not That Woman' she gets treated like an outcast 'I am the commodity you traded in, my chastity, my mother hood, my loyalty' where as in 'The Bridegroom, she doesn't get treated like an outcast '- the bride's the star!' In my opinion I think that I liked 'The Bridegroom' better because the way 'Liz Locked' writes her poem. It is very amusing and it makes a marriage sound like a joke. 'Kishwar Naheed's' poem was also good which made me see the more serious side to traditional marriages in an Asian background. This poem was more difficult to understand because there were many ways you could put the poem. She could have been talking about her past because it uses the past tense 'whom you' or you could adapt it as she is saying it in the present tense where she has just been married and thrown out of her house on to the streets 'The woman on that poster, half- naked, selling socks and shoes- No, no, I am not that woman' Overall I think that she is talking about her long gone past and that she is a beggar woman at the present time. She doesn't want to tell anyone because she is too ashamed of herself and keeps on saying 'I am not that woman selling you socks and shoes' which again uses repetition. ...read more.

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