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To describe an old attic room.

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To describe an old attic room. An uneasy feeling ran through my veins. Lying down upon the soft duvet, various thoughts took over my feet. The deadly silence pierced my ears. Suddenly I found myself at the front of the Victorian bay windows. Rays of light beamed thought the multicoloured leaf shaped windows, creating patterns in the deadly air. The moon was as bright as a flaming touch. The stars shone brightly in the velvet sky, which created a shadow upon the marshes. The biter cold embraced my pale face and caused my ghostly breath to float within the air. Suddenly I found myself at the steps of a snake stairs case. ...read more.


They looked like dominos. Beautiful leaf shape brass handles were attached to either side of each suitcase. Within one of the suitcase there were old broken records. The records were of value as they were antique item. Elvis Presley, The beetles, and Roy Orbison were definitely collectors items. Within the other suitcase there was a collection of Jane Austin's novels and Charlotte Brontes "Jayne Eyre." Within "Pride and Prejudice," there was a preserved heart shaped red Lilly. Peeling back the tissues paper one could see how delicate and paper thin the flower was. A nostalgic feeling filled the air. Eternal time had preserved the memories of the young lover. ...read more.


The spacious piano took almost a quarter of the room; the polished mahogany colour hit my eyes the keys were hidden under the flap. The keys were a shiny ivory and black colour and on top of the piano were a music stand which had a piece of music on it; it looked as if somebody had just finished playing the piano. The piano created a peaceful atmosphere around the room. Within the middle of the maze, there was untouched silver candle sticks wrapped in old newspapers, as you unwrapped the candle sticks sterling silver shone in your eyes. The sizes of the candle sticks were as if they were long metal cylinders. The magical, mysterious attic was such an adventure would might experiencing it again. It had a fun adventures feeling to it. It was amazing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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