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To explore how Russell presents the characters of Frank and Rita during the first scene

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To explore how Russell presents the characters of Frank and Rita during the first scene of the play. Russell's play has been created to stretch out and grab the audiences attention, feelings and emotions right from the beginning of the play. In my essay I will aim to explore how he establishes the characters roles and how they interact with each other during the first scene of the play. Firstly, with the quote "he manages a gulp at the whisky." Russell presents Frank as an alcoholic, this is because he is able to take a gulp of whisky without gasping or coughing so this shows that he is used to taking such large amounts. ...read more.


Russell now presents Frank as a flirtatious person who is attempting to chat up Rita. With the words "first breath of fresh air" this show s that Frank doesn't have many young "fresh" minds in his office to teach. The audience may feel sorry for Frank as he seems to have a lonely life in his darkened office and also how he seems to have given up on life. Following on from this with the quote "look at those tits." Russell uses the word "tits" to show to emphasise even more to the audience that Rita is different to the other students. She is an open minded and loud person who unintentionally makes herself out to be a person who is not afraid to say what she believes. ...read more.


Finally with "yes - I'm sure..." Russell puts Frank across as an insecure person who is being dominated by a woman. This is shown by the short answers Frank has been using before and now. Also with "..." this shows that Frank is unable to complete his sentence, this shows that Rita is more in control of the conversation. The audience would become startled, as Rita's manors are not acceptable in the student teacher register. So together with the characters of Frank and Rita Russell has demonstrated in the first scene how they grab the attention of the audience by making the unexpected parts of the play take place. But the real question is will Rita with her attitude ever come out of college with a passed exam? ...read more.

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