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'To his coy mistress' by Andrew Marvel - review.

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He says the word 'lust' to describe his sexual frustration; he is describing his frustration in connection with his relationship. Another turning point, is the word 'now' because he is in the 3 stanza of the poem talking in a more sexual manner, he is also more persuasive in the last part of the poem, talking about if something happens to one of them or if one of them dies. He says he wants them to be 'like amorous birds or pray,' in my opinion he is saying he wants them to be physical, not gentle. In the line 'rather at once our time devour,' which follows the simile, refers to 'at once' being time going quickly and soon their time will of run out, they won't be able to produce children. In the last stanza of the poem he says '�tear with pleasure�'meaning he wants rough sex, as he is frustrated and impatient, also he try's to gain her love. In the last two lines, he says 'thus though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make it run,' in these lines he means he and the 'mistress' will not have everlasting time, but they will make the most of their time. ...read more.


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