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To Kill A Mocking Bird

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Unseen Prose The giver excerpt is possibly from the beginning of a literary work. Lucidly divided into two distinct paragraphs the author demarcates his ideas in them respectively. In the first paragraph the author describes the physical aspects of Maycomb County, while the latter one is described with the outlook of the citizen and their 'vague optimism'. This structure of the extract brings out the free flow of the author's ideas. This story is narrated in 1st person narrative. This person is not necessarily the author; and in this case it is Scout. Since it is in 1st person narrative we could be seeing the story from a biased perspective. ...read more.


The recurring sound of 's' emphasises on the monotony of the life in Maycomb through the words sagged, square and somehow. There is a tone of nostalgia established when the author states 'when I first knew it, and 'it was hotter then' , this can suggest to the reader that the author has gone away from the town, has lost contact with it and is remembering it. There is a stark contrast in the themes established in two paragraphs. In the first paragraph there is a theme of struggle and hardship depicted, while in the second paragraph the author lays emphasis on the 'vague optimism' and the nothingness of the people. ...read more.


We can say that the laidback attitude of Maycomb can be a reflection of the attitude of the whole country which resulted in the downfall of the market and the downfall of the whole economy. The author mocks the attitude of the people and uses sarcasm to aid this. The use of complex sentences makes the passage monotonous and difficult to link consecutive sentences with. Hence the author lucidly depicts the condition and the attitude of the people and successfully conveys to the readers the emotions and attitude of the author to the people through the use of diction, caesuras, anaphora, tone, structure, imagery and personification. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aman Tuljapurkar ...read more.

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