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To Kill a Mocking Bird - Connections

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To Kill a Mocking Bird - Connections The first relation to the real world is that people used the 'N' word frequently. They used this word to refer to Afro-Americans during the period when the book was written. People today still use it to refer to Afro-Americans. I think it is unfair that they are being called N@#$%&@ because it is a term that they really dislike. They would get very angry if they were referred to as such. Many characters in the story, such as Francis and Mrs. Dubbose, have used this term quite regularly. They considered Afro-Americans as inferior human beings. In today's society, the description of black people as N@#$%&@ still exists, but it has been toned down considerably, compared to when the book was written. ...read more.


When he found out that she was addicted to morphine and his reading helped her to deal with it, he understood and respected Atticus. He dealt with Scout the same way. When she had a problem, he would sit her down and carefully explain to her what was the right thing to do. Today, many parents do not teach their kids moral values. This is evident because so much teen rebellion is occurring. Parents should try to teach wisdom to their kids as Atticus did. In my opinion, children think that their parents do not understand them enough. There needs to be more discussion between children and their parents. The concept of walking away from fights is addressed in the book, and can be related to real life today. ...read more.


Kids today also listen to their parents and try their best to avoid fights. Yet, they still end up fighting just as Scout did. Sometimes in life you are faced with an unexpected situation. Atticus was given a gun and asked to shoot the rabid dog. He hesitated at first because he didn't want to set a bad example for his kids. He had the courage to go ahead and shoot the dog because this was a potentially dangerous situation since the dog could have bitten someone. The dog had to be destroyed humanely. Today, people are faced with unexpected situations all the time. A few weeks ago, the citizens of New Orleans were faced with the unexpected situation of Hurricane Katrina. They had to decide whether to evacuate or remain in their homes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shashi N. Oct. 10, 2005. ...read more.

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