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To Kill A Mocking Bird Courage Comes in Many Forms.

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To Kill A Mocking Bird Courage Comes in Many Forms Courage is a very prominent feature in the book 'To kill A Mockingbird' by the renowned author, Harper Lee. Many of the most prominent characters have courage as one of their main traits. Atticus Finch displays courage to an astonishing degree, as do the children, Jem and his younger sister, Scout. Tom Robinson, Mrs Duboise and Dolphus Raymond also possess courage in different forms. Courage comes in many different forms, most of which are displayed in 'To Kill A mockingbird'. Although many of the characters in the book display courage in one form or another, there are also some remarkable displays of lack of courage especially during the trial of Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson is a brave man. He is faced with a near impossible task. He knows there is no way that he would be set free and proved innocent. All the evidence was present and it was all in favour of Tom. No evidence was brought forward providing the Ewells with a case except the testimonies of Bob Ewell, a well known alcoholic and violator of the law and Heck Tate, the local sheriff. ...read more.


' But he was only a man. It takes a woman to do that sort of thing'. There are of course times when he fails as a teacher, such as when he has to teach Jem and Scout, against his beliefs, that they are ladies and gentlemen of high class. Yet Atticus does not give up, and for the most part, succeeds helped along by his nurse, maid and housekeeper, Calpurnia. As a Negro, Calpurnia has always been put down as under class and not worthy yet Atticus treats her with respect and equality. In doing this he is, effectively, rebuking against common belief. This is dangerous yet he still prevails to do it. He fights for his beliefs and stands by his morals. It takes a courageous man to do that, especially as his views are different to most. Atticus regards her 'as a member of the family' and treats her as one. He stands up for her when Aunt Alexandra asks that she be asked to leave. 'She has a place in this house as long as she wants it'. It is hard for him to do this in such a prejudiced and racist community. ...read more.


Jem tries to fight this fully grown, drunken man in pitch black on his own, all to save his little sister. That would have taken bravery to the limit. He fights until he cannot fight due to being knocked unconscious and is carried home by their rescuer. Finally Arthur, or rather 'Boo', Radley displays courage in that he has not been outside his family home since he was a child, yet he goes out to save the children. This took two kinds of bravery; one, that Boo dived into the fight at all risk to himself and two, that he would be showing his face to the world for the first time in over twenty years. Boo Radley has stayed in his house amidst comments and crude remarks because he wanted to. This would have been very hard to do when he would have know what people thought of him because he would not leave the house though nothing was stopping him. As I have attempted to display in this essay, courage comes in many forms, not all of which are immediately recognisable. A courageous man or woman, does not have to have a gun or fight, but they have to have a strong personality, courage of conviction and be able to stand up for what they believe. Anna Cornock LVG ...read more.

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