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To Kill a mockingbird

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Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird portrays the life of its narrator, Jean Louise Finch "Scout", in the small town of Maycomb. Scout describes the novel as a grown lady reflecting back, thinking about and narrating her childhood. She lives with her father, Atticus, an old widowed lawyer, and her elder brother, Jem. She is not a convincing portrait of a child because she knows much more than is expected of her. She is too intelligent for her age. This proves Harper Lee has been biased in explaining the story making Scout seem like a 12 year old girl Scout is very bright girl who does not like going to school. ...read more.


She tries to make Atticus think she was learning the wrong kind of words in school by using slang words. She is more intelligent than the other children in her class. This is because her cook Calpurnia taught her to read at a very young age to stop her from getting bored when her brother went to school. Atticus asks her "something wrong Scout". So she tells her father all about it, but he says "you can't understand a person until you climb into his skin" that makes Scout understand a little more and pity the teacher a little. When uncle jack talks about his cat that was getting fat Scout says "aw that's a damn story" which makes uncle jack angry. ...read more.


Both Jem and Scout don't like her because she was aged and feeble and always called them names even when they were polite to her. When Scout shouted "hey mrs dubose" she would shout back "don't you say hey to me you ugly girl" She is trying to improve her sense of right and wrong at such an early age that she makes a lot of mistakes. But she doesn't understand why does she dislikes and like different people. This is why Scout is more of a grown up 12 ears old child and less of a 7 year old child. Her knowledge of issues affecting society is beyond her years. She might have a few characteristics like a child but she has much more characteristics which show that she is an adult. This is why I answered the question negatively. The convent in cinemas 8th ...read more.

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