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To Kill a Mockingbird.

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To Kill a Mockingbird This novel brings about issues and themes which are still a problem in today's society such as race and morality.The novel is surrounded upon two main plots.The first plot is the adventures of Jem and Scout,especially their interaction with Boo Radley.This plot also consists of episodes between the kids and their relatives and neighbors.These were primarily used to introduce us to the characters and get to know them better,which is also important in the other plot,the trial of Tom Robinson.It is by getting to know these neighbours that we understand how they can convict an innocent man . The novel is written from the point of view of Scout Finch's ,the daughter of Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch is a well-know lawyer in Maycomb County,in the south,in the 1930's.We are introduced to the narrator,Scout Finch,who describes her family background and the town which she lives in . She and her brother,Jem Finch, are also introduced to Dill, and the children share stories and fantasies about Boo Radley,the mystery man who lives near by.The reader learns that Scout has problems early on,but she learns a lesson in manners when Walter Cunningham comes to lunch and a lesson in compromise from her father, Atticus. ...read more.


They also learn more information about Tom Robinson,the man who Atticus intends to defend.As Tom Robinson's trial approaches, Atticus worries about the safety of his client. This fear that proves to be correct when a group of townspeople appear at the courthouse one night with their intention of harming Tom Robinson. The only person who stands in their way is Atticus. At first, the mob intends to push through him but the surprise visit from Scout ends their cruel intenetions. When Tom Robinson's trial begins, the evidence that Atticus puts across shows to prove Tom's innocence.Witnesses further support his innocence and Atticus cleverly points out that a left-handed man must have beaten Mayella Ewell.He goes on the show that while Mr. Ewell is left-handed,Tom Robinson's left arm is crippled due to her farming accident. When Mayella Ewell takes the stand, it becomes obvious that her story is not as perfect as it seems.To Tom's poor luck, she begins to cry on the stand which does not allow Atticus to point out the wrongful accusations made by her.When Tom Robinson takes the stand ,the actual truth comes out. It is portrayed that Mayella Ewell's only crime was to kiss a coloured man. ...read more.


Ewell.Scout walks Boo home and then returns to see Atticus sitting by Jem,and this is where the novel comes to a close. The story of the mockingbird which Atticus tells his children at the beginning of the novel is linked to the main theme of this novel. It is considered a sin to kill a mocking bird, since it is harmless bird which only sings to please others. Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are also harmless people. By letting Tom die, the sin of killing a mockingbird is further emphasised.Tom's death is a defeat of justice and a support of the racial troubles of those times. The times which pass show the maturity of Scout and Jem and show the character of Atticus,who is without racial prejudices. He chooses to fight against the old ways of his own community and this however does not lead to any success as the black people could not exceed the white people in the 1930's.I agree with Harper Lee on the aspect of the race issues in those times which are still prevalent in today's society. Innocence and childhood show the truth that does not seem to be successful in the end. The novel is a classic due to its fantastic characters and interesting trial . In conclusion, justice should be provided to an individual,regardless of their race or colour. ...read more.

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