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To Kill a Mockingbird

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ENG 2D1 OCTOBER 11th, 2001 To Kill a Mockingbird ( Final Response ) The novel To Kill a Mockingbird had all the necessary characteristics of a well written piece of work. It contained suspense, action, and humour, which made the plot and story line so effective. There were changes made in the attitude, and maturity in each of the characters. The ending of the novel was also very sufficient, It made everything in the novel make sense. Author Harper Lee made the beginning and end of the novel attach in a circle of events. It was so effective that it also made me reflect on my own life, and personality. The ending of the novel did not need to be altered or changed in any way, it was a fantastic ending to a excellent novel. It just goes to show that the quote " Do onto others, as you want others to do onto you" is such an important guide, to a good life. ...read more.


It made me make sure to never act in a way that might be prejudice towards others, or act unjustly to others. A character that avoided racism or conflict as much as possible was Atticus Finch. He respected everyone and did not judge them under any circumstances. He was never prejudice, or racist, which is a reason why I enjoyed this character so much. It is hard to disagree with the fact that Atticus is a Christ-like figure, as that it is proven many times. Jesus defended those who were poor or those who where sick. He sacrificed himself on the cross so that our sins may be forgiven. Atticus showed these same characteristics when he defended Tom Robinson. He sacrificed his reputation knowing that he would more than likely have no chance at winning. He took his duty willingly like Jesus once did. Atticus is always calm and does not blow things out of proportion or have a bad temper. ...read more.


They are afraid to go anywhere near her property when she is around and keep their distance. Neighbours such as Mrs. Dubos are not often welcome in the world today, for the main reason that they do not have respect for others and their feelings. The novel To Kill A mockingbird was definitely worth reading. It though me as an individual, as well as my classmates important aspects of life. It provides us with information that will help us grow into respected mature adults. The novel had all the best qualities to make a timeless classic, that will be known for years to come. I would recommend this book to others, and share its elaborate quotes, and useful information with others, so that they too can have the knowledge and wisdom that is thought throughout the novel. I look forward to seeing my children, and or grandchildren reading this novel when they are in high school, so they too can have the wonderful experience of reading one of the greatest pieces of work, To Kill A Mockingbird. ...read more.

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