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To Kill A Mockingbird.

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To Kill A Mockingbird "To kill a mocking Bird" is a play written in the 1960's, but it is set in 1930's America. The play is set in a small southern state of America called Maycomb County, Alabama. "To kill a mocking Bird" was written by Harper Lee, and I think that Harper Lee has based the book on her own life experiences. I think this because Harper Lee's farther was a lawyer just like Atticus, Harper Lee was also born in Alabama. Harper Lee also spent most of her days with her childhood friend. This novel is set in many different places in Maycomb County. For example the main areas in this novel is set in Atticus's house, the court room, Tom Robinson's house, Boo Radley's house. The title "To kill a mocking Bird" is significant because a mocking bird is an innocent and harmless bird. The reason I think that Harper Lee chose a mocking bird is because it represents a few of the characters in the book. ...read more.


Jem and Scout Finch show courage due to their unbiased up bringing. Jem, the elder of the children is ten years old. When his father is faced with the mob at the jail, Jem turns up. And although being a child and being pretty much powerless to physically do anything, he refuses to leave until after the crowd has left. He shows that he is not scared of one of their ill reputed neighbours, by accepting a dare from his friends to run up to their porch. He does all he can to protect his younger sister Scout when they are attacked in the woods. Scout on the other hand, stands up for herself by fighting her classmates. One particular time she does this is when she hears someone bad mouthing her father. In comparison, Bob Ewell is not courageous. He takes a black man to court on a lie rather than admit that his daughter was in the wrong. ...read more.


He doesn't conduct any type of investigation into the case because he knows what he will find and doesn't want to deal with that discovery because he is scared. Scared of the community, scared of the consequences of going against general beliefs. One final character that shows courage is Boo Radley. Shunned by the town for keeping to himself, his true personality is hidden beneath the stories made up for his choice to be solitary. The night that Ewell attacks the children, he fights him off and eventually stabs him. Radley knows that the town will be better off without this madman. The novel is about what happens when people have no opinion of their own, when they go with the general consensus and show no courage in being an individual. If Bob Ewell or the jury or the sheriff had have shown courage, the death of an innocent man could have been prevented. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups ...read more.

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