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to kill a mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee a) At the beginning of chapter 10, it is clearly stated how both Jem and Scout regarded their father in comparison with the others: "Atticus was feeble: he was nearly fifty". The paragraph goes on to demonstrate both children's views: his father was much older and there was nothing to brag about when talking with classmates about him because he was always tired and he did not demonstrate particularly interesting abilities like driving a truck, working in a garage, play football. He wore glasses and he did not smoke or drink or play poker. In a nutshell, he, compared to other classmate's fathers, was not outstanding. The children were not disappointed or ashamed of Atticus, but they lacked reasons to brag about him. b) At the end of chapter 10, this situation changed. Atticus shoots Tim Johnsons, a dog with rabies, from afar, demonstrating his special skills of shooting at a great distance. Jem and Scout become especially firstly amazed and mesmerized that their father could shoot so well and estranged due to the fact that their father had not told them of this special skill. c) Atticus shows to be a true gentleman in the sense that he is honourable and sensible, understanding his outstanding abilities and still restraining them because he follows peaceful principles, showing also to be righteous and acting according to his beliefs. ...read more.


This shows how she also realizes he is a truly honourable good person, true to his clam heart and ideals. g) Jem was not happy with buying the steam engine and baton. He was silently thinking what to do and when he approached Mrs. Dubose home, he took Scout's baton and cut the tops of Mrs. Dubose's camellias. Jem was on enraged because, even though he was used to Mrs. Dubose offensive comments, when she insulted his father, she went too far, hurting him where it mattered to him. This only shows his profound respect and admiration towards his father and thus he cannot tolerate and will further defend any harsh comments against him. h) In page 108, there is a retrospective comment where we can see anticipation to the actions to occur, trying to reason Jem's outburst of anger. It looks at the situation from the outside telling us this was a small exception in Jem's stage of rectitude. This will be later explained as Jem's sudden inability to keep his temper as an exception, obviously a one time occurrence because he was describe as having a "tranquil disposition and a slow fuse". This gives sensible reasoning to Jem's actions and both counteracts the latter as well as provide a contrasts to the terrible outburst to follow so that we keep this in mind and avoids antagonizing Jem. ...read more.


m) At first Jem was quite afraid of Mrs. Dubose and this is shown when he opens the gift she gave him. He is tired of her verbal abuse and angry. This is why when she dies, he is indifferent, but them becomes guilty and remorseful when finding out she was a morphine addict, finally sinking in the meaning of her death and subsequent loss. n) Atticus then told him that was her way of making peace. He wanted to show Jem the courage she had when quitting morphine and all the pain she went through to get her which of being lucid when she died. As Jem touches a camellia's petals, we see he quietly made peace with her too as he realized her burden and suffering behind her scolds. o) Firstly, Atticus' case and idea of equality will take an important role in the second part, as it will affect the lives of the Finch family and the whole town. We will see the prevalent theme of equality and racism and the clash between both due to the town's strong prejudice. We will also see how these life lessons Jem and Scout have learned will help them in their standing throughout the process, as the town's people will surely look down on them. Marielle Alvino M. ...read more.

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