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To kill a mockingbird Creative Writing

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Mayella To kill a mockingbird As far as I could remember it started the evening of November twenty first of last year about in wintertime. There was this old chiffarobe in the yard my papa brought in for kindlin. Papa told me to do it while he went to the woods but I wasn't feeling strong enough then so he came by, Tom Robinson. I said come here, you nigger, and bust up this chiffarobe for me, I said there is a nickel in it for you. I went in the house to get the nickel and I turned around and before I knew it he was on top of me. He ran up behind me, grabbed me by the neck chocking me saying dirt, I fought and screamed, but he had me around the neck. ...read more.


She said she had a hatchet; she gave me the hatchet then so I could break up the chiffarobe. She said I reckon I would have to give you a nickel, I said no ma'am there isn't no charge, and then I went home. I was going home as usual that evening and when I passed the Ewells place miss Mayella were on the porch, when I was just passing by. She said come here a minute, I went inside the fence to look for some kindlin to work on, she said I got something in the house for you to do. The old doors hinges have fallen of, I asked her for a screwdriver she said I should have. ...read more.


She scared me so bad I fell down. I got of the chair and turned around and jumped on me, and hugged me. She hugged me around the waist, then reached up and kissed me at the side of the face. She says I never kissed a grown man before I might as well kiss a nigger. Then she said kiss me back nigger. I said "miss Mayella let me go" and tried to run but she got back at the door, I had to push her out of the way. I didn't want to harm her, I said let me past I said its Mr Ewell shouting through the window. He said you god dam whore, I kill you, then I was so scared I ran out of the house. ...read more.

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