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To kill a mockingbrid

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The Trial in To Kill a Mockingbird In this essay I will be explaining about the Tom Robinson trial in 'To kill a Mockingbird' written by Harper Lee. The Trial in To kill a Mockingbird is very important, because it showed the society was in those time and the racial prejudice that they had in those times. You see that in the Court the blacks where standing up on top, however the whites where sitting comfortable down below, but let's first look at the author of this book. This book was written by a female writer who posed as a male writer 'Harper Lee', because back then woman weren't allowed to publish book. Harper Lee was born in 1926. She wrote 'To kill a Mockingbird' To show how the community was at those times. There was a black community and white community, the white community had comfortable places to live, but however the blacks the opposite. ...read more.


Scout called her "the loneliest person in the world". Tom Robinson passed her house every day on his way to work and, according to Scout, he was probably the only person who was ever nice to her. Tom's evidence at the trial shows that she had planned to make a pass at him for a long time. When she and Tom were alone together she tried to kiss him but she was interrupted by the arrival of her father. Tom is the innocent victim of Mayella's loneliness. He helped Mayella over a long period of time and always behaved respectfully around her. When Mayella tried to kiss him he didn't know what to do. He couldn't hit a white woman to keep her away from him nor could he allow her to kiss him - he ran away when Bob Ewell arrived knowing that whatever he did would get him into trouble. In the trial Tom's innocence is proved by the fact that only his right arm is useable. ...read more.


White women were not supposed to have anything to do with black men and Bob is so shocked by his daughter's behaviour that he beats her savagely. Once the charge of rape is brought, Tom becomes the victim of prejudices about black men and white women. These are so strong that the townspeople's first reaction is to lynch Tom without a trial. When Atticus agrees to defend Tom, he and his children come in for a great deal of verbal, and some physical, abuse. In the trial itself Atticus says that Bob and Mayella have assumed that they will automatically be believed over a black person. Atticus asks the jury to try to overcome this prejudice but it is too ingrained for him to succeed and, besides, the jury had probably been offended by Tom's remark that he felt sorry for Mayella. The whole trial is viewed from Scout's point of view. The purpose of the trial is to make things plain for the jury and in doing this Harper Lee also makes things plain for the reader. ...read more.

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