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To Kill a Monkingbird Challenge Essay

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Natalie Waller Mrs. Sawyer English 101 19 August 2009 To Kill a Mockingbird Challenge Assignment To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is an excellent novel about growing up in a southern town and how prejudices affected the way people were treated. Jean Louise "Scout" Finch learned the importance of being tolerant and she changes throughout the novel because of the experiences she has. Jeremy Atticus "Jem" Finch, Scout's brother, has a close relationship with Scout throughout the book. ...read more.


The Tom Robinson case made Scout open her eyes and see how different people were treated. For example black people were forced into certain neighborhoods away from whites, they would only sit in special places in the back of the bus, and were only allowed in a separate area of the balcony in the court room. Scout saw this and was confused, she learned from this experience to treat everyone as equals and how to be less prejudice against people who are a little bit different. ...read more.


Scout became a matured, compassionate adult because of the experiences she had in Maycomb and will continue to further grow as a result. The Tom Robinson case made Scout see how rude and racist the little town of Maycomb was. This event made Scout become less prejudiced and more tolerant of those around her. Bob Ewell's death showed Scout that under some people's identities are real people who are too afraid of what others would say to be themselves. The death of Mr. Ewell made Scout mature into someone compassionate and understanding, these lessons and experiences also helped her grow into a better, less prejudiced adult. ?? ?? ?? ?? Waller 1 ...read more.

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