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To my dear son Alec,

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To my dear son Alec, To be opened after my death: You know Alec that I have always been proud that you are my son. I haven't exactly been the best of fathers but I want you to know that I have tried. Tried very hard. Your mother has always been with us and thinking of us, especially you. Your mother was a lovely woman and she would never have a dull moment. Your mother was a great cook, I was never good at it that's why you never had a fancy meal anymore. Your mum and I loved you very much and hope you will always keep us close to your heart. ...read more.


Your mother used to shout at me because I would never get up at four am to give you food. Even then I still loved you very much. I was extremely proud how you respected me even after, I lost my job. It was never easy for us especially when I owed money to the bookie. I tried my best to keep some money for a roof over our heads and to have some food. But sometimes alcohol got in the way. Your education meant everything to me. I know now it must have been hard to get up every morning and put clothes on that was either too small or too big. ...read more.


It don't think I tried my best because you should have been brought up with the luxury of having fine things such as nice and brand new clothes that have not been worn before you. I didn't want things to work out the way they did but it happened. I didn't want to leave you but I thought it would be for the best if I did. Your Uncle Billy and your cousin Ian will look after you. The reason why I had to leave was that I am sick. I drank too much alcohol and the doc said that I have got a kidney failure and I thought it would be best if you didn't see me dying. I will always love you. Forever. Love, Your Dad ?? ?? ?? ?? Catriona Martin Writing Assignment Sailmaker ...read more.

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