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To What Extent Are Frankestein and His Creature Evil?

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TO WHAT EXTENT ARE FRANKESTEIN AND HIS CREATURE EVIL Born in Geneva, Victor Frankenstein was mainly brought up by his Mother as his father was away often. Victor adored his mother and father; Victor had everything he wanted, a Mother, Father, good home but a well disciplined up bringing. His mother and Father adopted a small girl whom they called Elizabeth. Victor took it upon him self to look after her, "Mine-mine to protect, love and cherish." In school Victor was not bothered about languages or politics. He wanted to find out what made the world tick, "the secrets of Heaven and Earth." He had to teach himself his favourite subjects because the school he went to did not teach the subjects he wanted to learn. He was alone doing his experiment and had no one to guide him. His aim in life was to banish disease and stop all death but a violent one. When he was only 17 his mother died after nursing Elizabeth back to health after she had caught scarlet fever. Victor's mother's dying wish was for Elizabeth to look after the children and for her to be wed to victor. After leaving for university his second teacher was an inspiration to him, His teacher told him to follow his dreams. ...read more.


He then ceased to eat their diminishing food supplies. He ate the berries and other small fruits that he found in the woods. He is good at this stage because He has seen how He was upsetting the family when He was eating their food; He realised this and started to chop wood to repay the family. He is aspiring to be like the family, He wishes to be friends with them and have friends of His own. There are a series of events, which leads up to the creature becoming resentful and violent. He first saw His reflection in a pond; His gaze laid eyes upon His ugly, repulsive reflection. He could not believe that His creator had made Him this ugly. When He saw the blind Grandfather alone one day, He decided He would approach Him because He thought the Grandfather would be more understanding as he was old and more wise. This was so but when the old man's daughter in law and Granddaughter returned, they screamed at the sight and the son came rushing home. The son thought the creature was attacking his father and so the son attacked the creature. The creature ran away and did not respond with violence. The creature did not lash out because He thought that if He did it would ruin any chance of becoming friends with the family. ...read more.


Victor said He was right about not building a new creature. He says the first one went wrong and killed his friends and family, so He will not create a partner for the creature that killed them. He said it was evil and He had to kill it. The creature is very upset, He admits to killing Victor by leading Him to the icy lands. He asked for forgiveness but He knows it will not change anything. It said He had put up with more anguish than Victor ever had, He had to do it even though he didn't want to do it. When Victor was about to be cremated on the ice fields, the ice cracked up, the monster swam across and lit the pyre, and He stayed there next to Victor while He burned. I think that Victor Frankenstein was not evil, He was very confused and completely adsorbed in what he was doing, he was sure he was right, wanting to get rid of death, apart from a violent on. The creature was good in that he helped the family in the winter when food was scarce. However he did turn to evil was towards the end of the book after he failed with living with him self, destine to walk alone for the rest of his life. Another aspect for being evil was that he killed his creator; the man he gave him his pitiful life, and his family. CHRIS PYEMONT ...read more.

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