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To what extent are the adults responsible for Juliet's death?

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The Adult's involvement with the Lovers To what extent are they responsible for Juliet's death? "Romeo and Juliet" is a tragedy about two 'star-crossed lovers' culminating their lives for each other's passion and love, written by William Shakespeare. Their deaths were caused by many factors such as their destined fate to die which were inevitable and unlucky events. These elements were the reasons for the tragic outcomes of this Shakespearean play. The background of the play was about a family feud, which was between the Capulet's family and Montague's family. The Capulet's had a very traditional marriage relationship (arrange marriage) thus they had a daughter called Juliet. Capulet's only daughter grew up in a close-knit aristocratic family. It is said that in the 1600's, girls were expected to conform their father's orders and did not have much say in what they wanted to do. As a result, her father was dominant over her and an assertive lord. Moreover, the Capulet's had no son hence all the property and money would have been inherited by Juliet and her future husband. That was a reason why Juliet's parents were more protective about her. A family with many traditions, the Capulet's custom was to marry of their daughter Juliet. In addition, women were supposed to marry at an early age and were prohibited from working. ...read more.


On the contrary if Juliet married Romeo she would have to go far away and then she would have been held responsible for their actions. Juliet's most trusted lady became selfish. Juliet's confidante could be said to have contributed to the tragedy because she betrayed her trust, underestimated their love, did not talk about this matter with their parents and constantly kept helping her in her plans to deceive their parents and get them married. However, she might not be culpable because she acted what was best for Juliet and she had an inferior position in the household. On the other hand, Lady Capulet, Juliet's mother had a very distant, uncomfortable relationship with her daughter. She was keen to get Juliet married to Paris. Naturally, because it was the Sixteenth Century and girls married at a very young age. Oddly, we can see that she felt uncomfortable around her child when she said, "What say you? Can you love the gentleman?" Her tone was proud and formal we can tell that she was out of touch with Juliet's emotions. She also assumed that the marriage would make her daughter happy; this proves that she did not know her daughter well and did not understand Juliet's true feelings. When Juliet refused to marry, she drew attention to the fact that the marriage was very imminent. ...read more.


It seemed that he was to blame for her eventual death because he forced her to marry Paris, black-mailed her, threatened to disown her and finally pressurized Juliet in taking the decision of marrying Romeo. In spite of this, he was not entirely to blame because he did not know she was married to Romeo, she loved Romeo and he was only behaving in a manner, any father would. To sum up, this play had many factors regarding Juliet's death. The main elements were their destined fate and the actions of different characters. It seems to me that the Nurse was most culpable because at the beginning of the play she gave her support to Juliet and helped the lovers meet many times. However later in the play she altered her view about Romeo, and advised Juliet to marry Paris. At that point, Juliet must have felt much betrayed because the Nurse brought her so far, assisted in all their actions and then she just left Juliet in the confusion alone. Moreover, in the confusion, I feel that Juliet must have taken the wrong decision, which brought her to her death. Nevertheless, Shakespeare also suggests that Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet were culpable partially because they never asked what Juliet wanted, they did everything they thought was correct as a result Juliet had committed unnecessary actions, for example: Marrying Romeo, without telling her parents. English coursework: Romeo and Juliet Raj Shah: 10S 1 ...read more.

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