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To What Extent Are The Nurse And Friar Lawrence To Blame For The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet?

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To What Extent Are The Nurse And Friar Lawrence To Blame For The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' is a tragedy that tells a story of the love that two children from feuding families had for each other. Romeo from the Montague family and Juliet from the Capulet family, marry secretly but are helped by Juliet's nurse and Frair Lawrence. At the end of the play Romeo is banished for killing Juliet's cousin, Tybalt. Juliet is then forced into marrying Paris but then takes a sleeping poison, and Romeo finds her before she awoke so he believed that she was dead so he took his own life, just as Juliet awakes she sees Romeo dieing so she then kills herself. There are many characters that can be blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet: Juliet's parents for forcing her to marry Paris, whether the nurse and Frair Lawrence should have helped them, whether Romeo and Juliet were responsible for their own actions or if it was fait. ...read more.


I believe that Frair Lawrence was right to agree to marry Romeo and Juliet because it could stop the fighting and feuding between the two families and bring them closer together. Whilst Romeo confides in Frair Lawrence, Juliet describes her thoughts and feelings to her nurse, after she does this the nurse then tells Juliet how she feels that Juliet is like a daughter to her because she used to have a daughter but she died so she became Juliet's wet nurse when Juliet was young. The nurse agrees to help them marry by seeing Romeo to ask him when and where the marriage will take place, this shows that the nurse is very loyal to Juliet but she is also very loud and bawdy. I believe that the nurse was right to help out Juliet because Juliet had no other way of contacting Romeo and could stop the fighting and feuding between the two families and bring them closer together. Once Romeo has killed Tybalt, when avenging the death of his friend Mercutio, he again comes to Frair Lawrence for help, Frair Lawrence then helps Romeo by hiding him in Mantua. ...read more.


her to take, it will make her appear dead for 42 hours whilst friar Lawrence will write to Romeo telling him about what is happening and for him to come and met her as she awakes. I believe that once again the friar has done wrong again, he is putting the two lovers lives in danger. Romeo dose not receive the letter as his friend tells him of Juliet's death before the letter comes so Romeo goes to meet Juliet but believing that she is dead. Romeo then sees her and kills himself but whilst he is dieing Juliet awakes and sees Romeo dieing so she then kills herself. I believe that friar Lawrence is responsible for the death of the lovers because he came up with the plan and when it did not work out he still persisted to reunite them. I also believe that Juliet's parents should not have pushed her into marrying Paris but can be romeo and Juliet's fault because they had only just met each other when they decided to marry, so they ran into things a little too fast. Simon Smith 11M English Coursework ...read more.

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