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To what extent can Gerald Croft be held responsible for for the death of Eva Smith ?

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To what extent can Gerald Croft be held responsible for for the death of Eva Smith ? Although Gerald Croft is one of those that are deemed responsible for the death of Eva Smith, my personal opinion is that he doesn't need to contribute as much response as the other members of the Birling Family - but at the same time, I think that he feels as guilty as the others. I think this because at the end of the interogation, he says, " In that case - as I'm rather more - upset - by the business than I probably appear to be - and - well, I'd like to be alone for a while - and I'd be glad if you let me go. " Gerald Croft is the husband to be to Shelia, but in this play we only ever see him as her fiancee. He was born into and raised in the same rich environment Shelia was - and has a very similar backgrounds in the respect that they both have well aclaimed parents that are in the same line of business. The Birling family have welcomed Gerald into the family with open arms and he is very comfortable, but quiet around them. ...read more.


had lost something when he ended the relationship - which may have sent her into a spiral of depression which may have finally finshed in suicide ! But this turns out to be one of the many other factors into the girl's death. His association with the girl doesn't come into contact with the other Birlings. By that statement, I mean that he hasn't really got a direct link with Eva Smith through any of the Birlings. Any association he may have had isn't as strong as Eric being the father of the baby Mrs Birling refused to help. But there is a hint of association when Shelia has made he jobless - and Eva, instead of being happy and working - met up with Gerald at the Palace (a bar which plays host to upper class men looking for women - and women looking for money !). Eva Smith had been happy with the way Gerald has treaten her, the way he has given her something worthwhile in her life and improved the quality of life for her which is a big contrast on the other members of the Birling family when Shelia gets her sacked from her job, Mr Birling sacks her, Mrs Birling turns her away for help and Eric abandons her when she has the baby - even at the end they left each other in good terms. ...read more.


I think the majority of audience feel sorry because all he ever did to Eva was love, care and support her and it seems to have backfired onto him. Gerald is and should be feeling guilty for the death of Eva Smith, but he should not be feeling as guilty as the others should be feeling. The only reason he feels bad is because of his personality, by that I mean that for example, Mrs Birling did a far worse intentional thing to Eva and doesn't really feel as bad as she should - thats only because she is 'stuck-up'. Gerald makes it clear about the way he is feeling when he says, " She didn't balme me at all, I wish to God that she did - now perhaps I might be feeling better. " Gerald would have been happy to give as much information to the inspector as possible if it hadn't of been for the fact he didn't want to upset anyone which tells me he feels guilty and feels he is the one to blame, and he wants to make ammenze for it. He seems to be a very nice man without a bad bone in his body and I'm sure that he could go back and change what he did, he would do it as soon as possible. Matt Kutner 10G ...read more.

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