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To what extent can you feel sympathy for Malvolio

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To what extent can you feel sympathy for Malvolio? Malvolio plays the role of Olivia's self admiring butler. He takes advantage of his position in the house to abuse of those lower ranked in the house than him. These people are Sir Toby, Maria and Fabian, (Sir Andrew doesn't work in the house). These people have got fed up of this and decide to get their own back throughout the play. The dispute is that may be they went too far. Malvolio is smart in appearance and well dressed. Apart from this, Malvolio is pompous, vane, arrogant and has a lack of forgiveness. Malvolio's first entrance is in 1.5 l.2 and his first line of speech is in 67. If acted and spoken well it gives you a really strong idea of what Malvolio is like. Shakespeare makes you, straight away, make a stereo-type of Malvolio. The impression I got after his first line: 'Yes, and shall do, till the pangs of death shake him;' Was that he disliked Feste and that he was annoyed that Feste was getting attention from Olivia because Malvolio wanted Olivia all to himself because he is selfish. Then, 6 lines after he says: 'I marvel your ladyship takes delight in such a barren rascal.' ...read more.


I would laugh at him and say, 'Have a taste of your own medicine.' Later on in act 2.3 Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Feste and Maria are having a party in the middle of the night. Malvolio interrupts the party, and he is really mad. He starts shouting at them and ends the party. Sir Toby, Feste, Sir Andrew and Maria think this is unfair. I think it is perfectly right what Malvolio did because he is only doing his job and Sir Toby, Feste, Sir Andrew and Maria would have been making a terrible noise in the middle of the night when everyone in the house is sleeping. Then there is the box tree scene in 2.5 where Maria, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian decide to finally get their own back on Malvolio by writing a letter which looks like it is from Olivia to Malvolio. The letter contains all these stupid requests which, if Malvolio loves Olivia, he has to do such as wearing cross garters. I think this is a great plan and Malvolio will get his just desserts if it works out. I was laughing at the thought of what would happen. After in 3.4 Malvolio does dress up in cross gartered yellow stockings, spins around Olivia with a wide smile on his face and keeps kissing her. ...read more.


Think of me as you please. I leave my duty a little unthought of and speak out of my injury. The madly used Malvolio.' When Malvolio comes back and explains everything Olivia explains she had nothing to do with it. Olivia does feel sorry for Malvolio, but I think Malvolio expects her to do something to Sir Toby, Feste or Maria. She does not so Malvolio has a tantrum and shouts in 5.1 l.355 'I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you.' I think this is typical of Malvolio but I do sympathise with him because everyone is happy but Malvolio is alone and hurt. I think he does deserve to get his revenge and there should be a sequel where Malvolio comes back and gets his own back. In the end I think Malvolio is mean at times but at others he is just doing his job. Also, during the play, he does not do enough things wrong to Sir Toby to be put in a dark room and bound up. I felt no sympathy at all for Malvolio at the box tree scene but soon after that stage in the play my sympathy rose enormously for him, to such an extent that I wanted him to get a big bucket of sludge full of all the grief he endured and pour it over Sir Toby. Jorge Alexander ...read more.

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