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To what extent does the death penalty contribute to a rise in the crime rate?

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To what extent does the death penalty contribute to a rise in the crime rate? The death penalty is one of the most questionable punishments; many claim that, disregarding the crimes that have been committed, it is highly unethical and simply wrong to kill another human. Even though the vast majority of the population appears to be against this punishment, it may be interesting to analyse the death penalty simply form the point of view of its effectiveness. In doing so, it is useful to examine capital punishment from different perspectives, here its impact will be examined from the psychological and historical point of view; it is also useful to look at the research data on the effectiveness of capital punishment. First of all, when one takes the psychological impact that death penalty has on potential criminals it may be noticed that the fact ...read more.


Better still, many people committing serious crimes simply do not think that they will ever be held responsible for it. Secondly, the death penalty has very old roots; there is some evidence that it has been implemented at least as early as the ancient times, and some claim that it is likely that even the primitive people used it as a penalty. Therefore, the fact of death penalty being so ever-present and long lasting throughout the history of humanity, may indicate that it must be an effective prevention of crime. The death penalty has always been regarded as the most severe punishment and perhaps the notion of it as such helped in keeping the order in the country in the past. On the other hand, nowadays the death penalty is no longer a form of punishment in many civilized developed countries, but the reason for it seem not to be its ineffectiveness in keeping order, but rather in cruelty of such a penalty. ...read more.


However, the study could not come to the clear conclusion as to haw the absence of death penalty affects the crime. Although, death penalty apparently has an effect on the crime, it has not been proven that the lack of it actually cause the crime rate to rise. To sum up, from the above examples it appears that death penalty is a quite effective deterrent and it may prevent serious crimes from being committed. Even though, one may question the moral aspect of the death penalty; however, it seems wrong and unwise to claim that the presence of it has no impact whatsoever on the crime rate. On the other hand, many researchers concluded that death penalty actually works as a deterrent conducted in 2003 by Emory University proved that and all of those who committee them hope that they will never have to face the punishment, therefore it is of little importance how severe the the punishiment ...read more.

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