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To what extent is each character responsible for Eva's death?To what extent does each character learnfrom his/her experience

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To what extent is each character responsible for Eva's death? To what extent does each character learn from his/her experience J.B.Priestley wrote "An Inspector Calls" after the Second World War; it was written after the World War as people in the higher-class thought everything was going to be okay. It was written to show how the working class were treated by the higher -class; after the World War everyone had to be responsible and look out for each other. Priestley wrote about a higher-class family called the Birlings who were all responsible for killing a young woman in the working class called Eva Smith. Although Eva's suicide caused emotional distress, it is important to consider just how much each character was involved in driving Eva to commit suicide. The play gives the audience a chance to see how responsible the higher-class families were. The inspector was introduced in this play for moral guidance and to see how the characters react to the suicide of this beautiful young women's death. Mr Birling was a man of his work, a high-class man with responsibilities to the society and his family. Mrs Birling a charity worker was very stuck up and treated working class unpleasantly. Sheila and Eric Birling the younger members of the family are able to learn and show signs of maturity, but are not able to communicate with the lower-class people as they have very proud parents, on the other hand Mr and Mrs Birling are not able to do that as they think of ...read more.


This experience has brought Mrs Birlings true feelings out about how she feels about Eric and how she treats him; she doesn't trust him as much as she trusts Sheila. She learns nothing more as she is not willing to see this experience from a different point of view. Eric Birling the son of Mr and Mrs Birling is responsible for Eva's death, but his irresponsibility is partly due to the parenting he has received, Eric is responsible as he got Eva Smith pregnant on a night when he was very drunk and he did not remember what had happened between them. Eric tried to support Eva with stolen money but this shows he gives no emotional support and is immature. Eric is not totally irresponsible as he attempted to help Eva, but Eva wanted nothing to do with him. He acts impulsively towards Eva and learns from the consequences for his actions. His reaction to the truth about inspector Goole not being a real inspector well as he did not hold back his feelings and emotions back like his mother and father. "It doesn't alter the fact that we all helped kill her." (Page 65) Eric shows signs of maturity when he and Sheila try to explain what happened with the inspector. "Whoever that chaps was, the fact remains that I did what I did." (Page 64) Eric is able to learn from the mistakes he has made and can change how he reacts in the future as he has learnt from this and what his parents are like. ...read more.


He tries to hide the truth from Sheila, as he knows he will upset her and get suspicious as he was staying away from her in the summer. Gerald is able to learn a bit from his mistakes, this experience will help him respect Sheila more and treat her more like a lady and be honest. The inspector did not examine Gerald, as the inspector knew that Gerald did not do much to lead Eva to commit suicide, Gerald had made Eva happy even if it was only for a while, as she felt loved. and fell in love with him. She felt she had security and respect. Gerald did not know why the inspector was there and how much he knew before entering the Birling house. In conclusion the inspector was a very good role model not just for the audience, but also for the Birling children. Mr Birling was the most responsible for Eva's death as he harmed her first. There were two people that learnt a lot, they were Sheila and Eric Birling. This is because they were able to communicate with the inspector and understand what he said, the inspector may make them change in the future as they are both able to make up their own minds and understand when they have made mistakes. They try to help their parents understand what they have done to Eva and how they caused her to commit suicide. Sheila and Eric will be able to learn from their parent's mistakes, as they are the younger generation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Priti Tapariya 10SW An Inspector Calls 10P (Mrs Lambert) - 1 - ...read more.

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