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To what extent is isolation a key theme in Frankenstein?

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To what extent is isolation a key theme in Frankenstein? A key theme of isolation is The Modern Prometheus. Prometheus was a son one of the last Titans. He was isolated like Frankenstein's creature, as Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to a man, one of the sons of God. Victor Frankenstein gave life to the monster and was isolated for his creation, as God only creates life. In the Modern Prometheus, fire was a gift from Zeus similar to life as a gift from God in Frankenstein. Both Prometheus and Frankenstein had to face the consequences for their actions. Prometheus was tied to a cliff where, his eyes were pecked out by vultures, left isolated. Victor was isolated from society and family for not excepting his responsibility of his creation. A character that is a centre of isolation is the monster, rejected by society for his appearance. Frankenstein described him as hideous; "his yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath". He gives an image of a cold corpse with its skin barely covering the muscle and vessels. The monster has "straight black lips" and "his teeth were pearl white". This gave an unbalanced nature of his face with his "limbs were in proportion" making his complexion "shrivelled". ...read more.


Society does not understand the monster, it only fears him for its strength and size, and the ability it has to harm other people. He was judged for his looks and the way people saw him, this scared society and the cause of isolation to the creature, mankind rejected him. He choose to hide away from society and its troubles as his own father described him as a "wretch" and "hideous". The monster originally wanted love of a parent, but grew to hate its creator, turning to violence. A reason for his violence was "I am malicious because I am miserable". The creature's infancy is similar to Shelly's stories about isolation, such as "The Last Man". Society does not understand the monster and its feelings. The creature is in a world with no one to talk to. It is for this isolation, the monster grew to hate its master. Victor Frankenstein is another person who became isolated from the world, as he did not take responsibility for his creation. He rejected it and had to face the consequences of his creation anger for not offering it love as a parent. Victor became isolated for his ideas. Cautioned that going into areas, which are unnatural. Victor was almost forced to create the monster form pressure of academic approval with his professors and his isolation of himself from humans. ...read more.


Victor hoped "A new species would bless him as its creator" In the creation of the monster, Frankenstein isolated himself from Elizabeth, leaving her lonely. Elizabeth grew from a lonely childhood, and developed love for Victor but was rejected against his work. She was a complete human being who felt the pain of rejection and isolation. Being human she felt the revolt of the unnatural creation, as the monster murdered her after her marriage with Victor, and the murder of Victors brother. Elizabeth would have been married to Victor had had children if Frankenstein had not created the creature, by playing God. If Victor had taken responsibility and parented the creation he would not have lost his wife, Elizabeth. Victor realised that it was best at home, "how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be his world". This showed that he missed his home and his love, Elizabeth. Victor described Elizabeth as "saintly soul" and "celestial eyes". Elizabeth hoped for "placid contentment" with Victor. Unnaturally, Frankenstein felt that he had the right to kill the monster and of that process he lost his wife, by not creating a mate for the monster who did not want to feel lonely anymore. The laws of natural philosophy had been turned upside down and the consequences of this indicated by terrible sad images of the isolated monster finding peace only when it was totally alone. ...read more.

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