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To what extent is Othello and Desdemonas relationship doomed from the start in William Shakespeares play Othello?

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Are Children being Pressured to grow up too soon because of the Influence of the Media? In my opinion children are being forced to grow up too soon because of the influence of the media and other factors such as peer pressure and parents who sometimes allow children too much freedom. Despite these factors children are still growing up faster because of the education provided in schools. They are making children think about issues that in the past would not have concerned them such as the dangers of Internet. Most children put pressure on their parents and force them to buy them branded clothes, and the parents feel they have no choice but to do so, to make their children happy. The children are also scared of getting bullied for the way they dress if they are considered unfashionable and therefore branded clothes become essential. No matter where children go, today they cannot avoid the media. At home the television has adverts, and on the Internet pop up adverts appear on the screen. Outside the house there are billboards and posters on the buses and walls. Even when parents make an effort to protect them from its effects as we saw in the Panorama video, "2 much 2 young" the media still makes its mark. ...read more.


Adele from the Panorama video said that she dresses the way she does because her favourite pop stars dress that way. She also wants to be like Britney Spears when she grows up. As well as music videos, some song lyrics are unsuitable for tweens as they contain swearing. Eminem for example uses a lot of swearing and words that are about drugs and killing people. ' I don't give a f***, you've been acting up'. 50 Cent also uses inappropriate words and also talk about drugs 'I got the X if you're into taking drugs'. Young children are learning a lot through listening to and watching music videos. Listening to lyrics with unacceptable words leads the children into violence and other things because they think it is 'cool' to do that because that is what the lyrics imply. Two children in the Panorama video were hugerly influenced my the media. Izaak is twelve and he said that he is influenced by what others waer. He only buys clothes if they come a from a specific shop with a paticular label. His father let him buy a sex pistol t-shirts with an obsence message printed onit. This is not resposible parenting in my opinioin. Izaak acroos as a rude spoilt child. ...read more.


3/4 of the children have a television at home, 2/3 of tweens surf the Internet at home and are exposed to more advertising in this way. Only some children are able to avoid adverts though the help of their parents. However, children still buy things without their parents knowing. This is from peer pressure. This is because they receive over one billion pounds a year in pocket money and gifts. 60% of the decisions about new purchase in the house are decided by children (according to by Martin Lindstrom a Global Marketing Consultant). The media can be blamed for children growing up too soon because of the content in magazines and television adverts. These convey the wrong impression of girls and boys at a young age to grow up too soon without realising dangers and harm. However, we have to take in count that individual's also follow the crowd. Girls of the age nine or ten, worry about the way they look, but they should be going outside and having fun. The media should not show pop stars and celebrities half naked as children get influenced really easily. In the end how children behave depends on the parents being careful and responsible and explaining values to them. However despite some parent's best efforts, the media still has an irresistible tug on the tweens of today. Dhruti Vekaria ...read more.

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