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To What Extent Is Romeo And Juliet A Tragedy? Tragedy is one that is shocking and unexpected. Tragedy also involves fate

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To What Extent Is Romeo And Juliet A Tragedy? Tragedy is one that is shocking and unexpected. Tragedy also involves fate, like the tragic event of September 11th 2001 where 2 planes crashed into the twin towers in the USA. Some people, that would have been killed, had not gone into work that day and had survived. This is an example of fate. Tragedy is a key element in this story. It is used in many scenarios throughout the play along with other key important elements. In this play, the element of love and affection plays an important role where Romeo and Juliet are concerned. The play has a tragic hero (Romeo) of much importance who dies. Romeo comes across some strong conflicts throughout the play. He has a tragic imperfection in the play, love, which will lead to his downfall; the same fate is passed on to others. Good is always wasted driving out evil. Romeo is the only son of the Montague family; this means he is well looked after. ...read more.


Romeo is unhappy over Rosaline. Romeo is very sad and depressed over her and it seemed like he has been like this for a long time already. Montague tells us this when he says Romeo "...Shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out, and makes himself an artificial night..." Romeo has a major problem. Even after he meets Juliet, he is very sad because he finds out that she is a Capulet. Soon after, he is banished from Verona and is very sad once again because he will not be able to see Juliet again. Romeo is so madly in love that he says that instead of being banished, he would rather be dead. When Friar Laurence gives Romeo the news of his banishment Romeo replies by saying "Ha, banishment! Be merciful, say "death" " Romeo feels that "There is no world outside of Verona walls, but purgatory, torture hell itself..." Romeo is so madly in love with Juliet that he wants to kill himself when he hears that she is dead. ...read more.


He doesn't show that he is afraid of death. I'm sure he is afraid and that he is really crying out for help. Mercutio dies whilst protecting Romeo. This was a tragedy because Mercutio was a close friend of Romeo's. Eventually Mercutio dies. Romeo wants to make peace with Tybalt because now he is a relative of his. Paris dies by trying to defend the Capulets tomb from Romeo. Paris feels that Romeo has come to the tomb "...to do some villainous shame to the dead bodies..." and dies trying to defend Juliet and the Capulets. Good is always wasted driving out evil. The only way for the fight between the Montagues and the Capulets to end is through the death of their children. Romeo and Juliet must sacrifice themselves for peace. I conclude my essay with the fact that Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has many tragic elements throughout the play but none of them can compare to amount of emotions drawn to mind in the last few scenes of the play. Altogether, the play is one large tragedy when you realise that Romeo and Juliet manage to stop the fighting between the remaining Montagues and Capulets after both of their deaths. ...read more.

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