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To What Extent is "The Woman in Black"A Traditional Ghost Story?

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To What Extent is "The Woman in Black" A Traditional Ghost Story? To compare The Woman In Black with a traditional ghost story you would firstly have to find out what makes a traditional ghost story. Some of things that create a traditional ghost story are that the protagonist is usually living or staying in some of kind of isolated setting as part of the story. Another thing that makes a traditional ghost story is the cliff-hangers that they have and the unexplainable happenings that take place in the story. The example of an isolated setting which is in The Woman In Black is the setting of Eel Marsh House. It is completely on its own and is only surrounded by marshes, water and desolate land. Arthur shows us that it was an isolated and lonely place on his first visit to the house when the book quotes, "... I felt loneliness, for in spite of the speechless Keckwick and the shaggy brown pony I felt quite alone, outside that gaunt, empty house". ...read more.


An example of this is that nearly all of the times that Arthur enters or is in Eel Marsh House the weather is nearly always gloomy and is mirroring how Arthur feels. But there is an occasion when Arthur is feeling lightened and is in fairly high spirits and the weather again mirror how he feels, "The sun was high in the sky, the water glittering, and everywhere was light." This shows us that, for once there wasn't an eerie feel to the place and Arthur did not have any worries about going into Eel Marsh House. In addition to those points, another factor that contributes toward having a traditional ghost story is that the reader learns of events at the same pace as the protagonist and so the truth is not revealed all at once, but is gradually revealed in stages. One way in which this is shown in the book is when Sam Daily is telling Arthur about the woman in black and he tells him that whenever someone has seen her, a child has died as a result. ...read more.


The woman in black experienced the loss of her baby and the heartbreak of that loss. Those factors then resulted in disease and then seeking revenge for her loss by making other people lose loved children as well. In this case Arthur lost his baby child after he had been to Eel Marsh House and the same had also happened to many other people such as Samuel Daily. This is one of the key factors as it gives the ghost a reason to be there and a reason to do what she or he does. The Woman In Black was set in the Victorian era. During this time there was a great absence of religion. In the story there is only one time when anything remotely connected to religion appears and that is at the funeral of Mrs Drablow where they at the church. Victorians were the people who made the ghost story genre very popular. This is because it was around this time that Darwinism came to light and so then they looked towards the supernatural in an effort to understand life and how it works. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amarbeer Singh Gill/9S. 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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