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To what extent is Tybalt responsible for the tragedy of Romeo And Juliet?

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Shakespeare Coursework - Romeo & Juliet To what extent is Tybalt responsible for the tragedy of Romeo And Juliet? 'Romeo and Juliet is the tragic story of a pair of 'star-crossed lovers' whose deaths are brought to them for the love they shared. Many characters played an important role in their deaths but the character Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet, was the most responsible for their deaths as he was a pivotal character and his actions results in Romeo and Juliet's deaths. From the moment Tybalt is introduces to us the audience can tell he is obsessed with the on-going feud between his family, the Capulet's and the rival family, the Montague's. This is proved in act 1 scene 5, the Capulet's party he spots Romeo and Mercutio mingling with the Capulets. 'This by his voice should be a Montague' (I, V) this proves that Tybalt has become obsessed with his enemies because he has leaned to distinguish them from his family just by their voices. This also shows that he looks out for his enemies because even though a Capulet party would be the least obvious place for a Montague to be, Tybalt still suspects that Romeo is there. ...read more.


Even before he is sure that the masked man is Romeo he is ready and willing to fight him. 'Fetch me my rapier, boy. What dares the slave come hither, covered with an antic face to fleer and scorn at our solemnity? Now by the stock and honour of my kin, to strike him dead I hold it not a sin.' (I, V) he is angrier at the fact that Romeo has attended the party when he is aware of the feud between the two families. This event triggered the violence because at first Tybalt wanted to fight Romeo to 'honour his kin' but after that night he had held a personal hatred towards him. Tybalt's violent acts lead to Romeo and Juliet's death because after that he goes to look for Romeo to fight him. Although Mercutio tries to start trouble with his sarcastic remarks Romeo does not want to fight him because he is in love with Juliet who is Tybalt's cousin. Tybalt still tries to bring Romeo down 'Romeo, the love I bare thee can afford no better term than this: thou art a villain' (Tybalt, act 3, scene 1) ...read more.


So Tybalt's actions of wanted to start trouble ended up with him and Mercutio getting killed and Romeo being banished from the city. Romeo's banishment eventually led to the deaths of him and Juliet. After analysing all the evidence the only conclusion is that not only Tybalt, but also everyone is guilty. Although Tybalt is the main cause, because he should have obeyed his uncle instructions and left Romeo alone. It is also partly Romeo and Mercutio's fault, as they should have not gone to the party uninvited, as they knew there would be consequences. A big part of the blame lies on the parents of both families because as the eldest members of the families they should have settled the feud before it came to a tragic ending like this. I believe that Tybalt's traits led him to cause violence in the town. He fused all the main events that occurred and these resulted in the tragedy. He became over-obsessed with hating his enemies that he would take it to any level because he was so short-tempered and volatile his hate was pushed even further, he was even prepared to kill. He started many of the major acts in the play, but his actions resulted in him getting killed. _____________________________________________________________________Neha Bharadia 1 ...read more.

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