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To what extent was each character responsible for Eva's death? (Inspector Calls)

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To what extent was each character responsible for Eva's death? An inspector calls was written by j b priestly to show his audience that in real life everyone has responsibilities and morals and that everything that a person does has a consequence whether or not its good or bad, there is a consequence. He had written this play after World War 2 and had seen the catastrophe and wanted people to understand that we all have a responsibility for one another and that we are members of on body. The Birlings are a family which represent society. When they act irresponsibly there are consequences which hurt others, in this case its Eva smith, a young working class woman who stands for millions of other women like her. The Birling family are a rich upper class family who are stuck up and think they are better than everyone else. Each member of the family is partly responsible for the death of Eva smith; they all acted irresponsibly towards her and these actions had consequences which drove Eva to suicide. Sheila is responsible for Eva's death because when she goes to milliards she is trying on some clothing and when Eva tells her that she does ...read more.


'I don't suppose for a second that we can understand why the girly committed suicide, girls of that class?' Mrs Birling could have made a huge difference in Eva's life as she could have taken her into her charity and provide her with shelter and a stable lifestyle but no, she lacks in understanding and she doesn't see things from others point of view and isn't empathetic towards Eva. When the inspector leaves she still acts na�ve and unsophisticated trying to portray that she knows he wasn't really and inspector all along and thought that she was the only one that didn't give into him, 'I was the only one of you that didn't give into him' She is proud of herself but Sheila knows Mrs Birling is hiding the facts and that Mrs Birling is denying her involvement and the truth. Mrs Birling's ability to learn from her experience is appalling, she tease her own children about giving in. She still doesn't realises that although the inspector wasn't real, she is still responsible for driving Eva to her death and she is grateful of Gerald for finding out the inspector is a fraud and thanks him, ' And I must say Gerald, you've argued this very cleverly, and am most grateful.' ...read more.


Gerald takes the news to the rest of the family and like Mr and Mrs Birling he thinks that he can forget about what has happened and about what he has done and that he can move on, but he can't; though he tries to, he can't. Gerald accepts he has done wrong by Eva and accepts what he has done, he's learnt honesty is important and knows he must be honest for his relationship with Sheila to proceed and become successful. In conclusion Sheila and Eric have learnt the most from this experience and there will be a change in their life for the better. Though they had bad parenting, they have still grown into mature children and are able to learn from their mistakes unlike their parents which have learnt the least and are still the same immature selfish people they were before the incident which brought on Eva's death occurred. This play was written by J.B priestly and was written to show that every person is part of a community and everything they do has an effect on others. He also wrote it to show everyone is responsible fro one another and has a responsibility to look after them. ...read more.

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