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To write a piece of original writing regarding 'the future.'

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TASK: To write a piece of original writing regarding 'the future.' The rain was hammering the gravel surface, the lightening struck and the sky exploded into a ball of fire, the thunder replied and the Earth roared as the ground shook. In a night like this blood is spilt. ********** In the distance was an incongruous figure lurking behind the black, burnt tree situated on the side of a motionless road. A tall, slim and wealthy lady came quickly running and she caught the swift movement in front of her. She stopped. She quickly observed the road and she became immensely anxious at what she saw next. She jolted and her face became pale as ice and her heart was beating like a drum now as a short, stout man with a vicious looking face who had sharp shimmering blades floating in mid air came closer and closer and closer.... 'Dad, there's a letter for me,' shouted Ivan. He brought the letter to his father and waited in anticipation to see the content of the letter. His father named Jack Dolton was a corpulent figure with a double chin and round face. He was an intermittent drunkard and always had to attend the pub as it became his daily routine at 9pm. ...read more.


'Finally, what took you so long,' said Jack Dolton out of breath. Ivan was not accompanied by the scientist, instead, he walked through the doors alone and looked weary and somnolent and wanted to fall asleep instantly. 'God lord, what happened to you,' spluttered Jack Dolton. He quickly lifted him in his arms and rushed out of the building. A few weeks had passed after Ivan was used for scientific test and his father's concern grew by the day as Ivan became less active every minute. He was now lying in bed gazing out of the window watching the sun rise from the East and set in the West, his mouth always open trying to speak, but no word would come out. The medicine given to him had devastating side affects; he had yellow and black semi circular balls popping out of his forehead looking like dandelions in an open field, only this was depressing, painful and worrying. Throughout the past two weeks he had grown immensely while he was dead to the world. The most worrying aspect which concerned most of his family and friends was the fact that his hands and body were changing, his bones became stronger and his hands reflected more light which allowed them to be more 'shiny.' ...read more.


Suddenly, the phone rang, 'Hello, Jack Dolton,' exclaimed the speaker 'Yes,' replied Mr Dolton 'This is Phil here from the Government; I would like you to know that where ever you go from here I will always be your friend,' the phone was slammed abruptly. Jack Dolton looked outside the window and he was astounded by what his incisive eyes saw. There was a swarm of people all in black uniform and behind them were three funeral cars each with a black wooden coffin inside waiting patiently to be consumed by the worms and disintegrated by the rich soil. > Start of with meeting of a scientific company/ military saying we must use small children for experiments > Make up better character of beast > Delete conversation > Runs away after transforming ( when angry or anxious) > Destroys many objects > MOST WANTED, the whole of America knows. > After serious destruction gets caught and killed > Made into a clone to hide it from the public, and parents identity are changed and sent to another country and given luxurious expenses in Malaysia / Mars and a large sum of money to keep their mouth shut about what occurred. > End with a meeting in military camp saying another test would occur. Then dot, dot, dot left in cliff hanger. ENGLISH COURSEWORK Shayban Mubeen 10p English- Original Writing ...read more.

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