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To write about the importance of the character of Boxer in Animal Farm

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Task set: To write about the importance of the character of Boxer in Animal Farm Animal Farm is a novel the represents what happened In Russia under communist party rule and it also symbolizes human nature. Orwell wrote in this way in order to get it published as the subject matter was not really acceptable. The pigs represent the governments, dogs represent the police. The other animals are just common people - the working class. Boxer is an ordinary cart-horse, one of the working class. Boxer is very na�ve and gullible because he is not very clever. He is the most sympathetically drawn character in the novel but Orwell doesn't let his reader get sentimental about him. ...read more.


Jones's side from the beginning, Boxer cannot complain because he can not read so he just says "ah that is different!" and then he carries on to say "If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right." Boxer tries really hard to read and write. He starts with the alphabet and learns A, B, C and D but he could not get past D. Then he tried to learn E, F, G, and H but when he did, he forgot A, B, C and D again. Napoleon takes advantage of Boxer because he has made Boxer think that he is always right, so when Boxer is presented with a dilemma he always says to himself "Napoleon is always right" when Napoleon said that Snowball had always been on Mr. ...read more.


Boxer looks up to Napoleon and always supported him, but Napoleon didn't care and set the dogs on him when he did not agree with him about Snowball. Not long after that did Boxer hurt himself and had to treated, so Napoleon said that he had sent for a vet to come and pick him up so that he could be treated, but really Napoleon had sent for a glue company to come and kill Boxer so that he could get money to buy Whiskey with. In the end Boxer was treated no better by the pigs than he was by Mr. Jones and in conclusion, I think that Boxer should not have died like he did and he should have had a good retirement like in old majors dream, where all animals are equal ...read more.

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