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Today its Mums birthday and your 7 years old. I cant remember a lot when I was 7 years old and when Mum died you were only 6. I cant remember much when I was 6 either.

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Hi Ryley! Usually its you sending me notes...and I love receiving them too! But today it's my turn. Today it's Mum's birthday and your 7 years old. I can't remember a lot when I was 7 years old and when Mum died you were only 6. I can't remember much when I was 6 either. The most important thing you will remember today is Mummy and you will remember her forever because she loved you so much. Most days Mummy used to take you to school and before that pre-school. Sometimes she would come to work crying because she started to miss you...or sometimes she would be a little upset because you decided that you didn't want to go to preschool. ...read more.


Like Millan your name was original to us and based on no one else's name. This is important because we want you and Millan to be your own person and that means being the best you can be. Mum will be very proud how you're going at school and when you see her smile in the photo you will know how proud she feels about you. You will remember that smile because it's from the most beautiful women that I will ever know and a lady that I will love forever. Now mum has gone you and Millan are the most important people to me and it's important you know how much I love you. ...read more.


I decided to go because Mum's birthday was always special to me. I used to take time and buy her something special and surprise her with a special dinner out or lunch somewhere. It was always a great day but now that I don't have Mum anymore I must make this a day that I tell you something about her and send you a note telling you how much I loved her. Please think about Mum today Ryley and make some notes about Mum and we will keep them all and share them with each other as you get older. I'm going to go now beautiful so please remember that Mum is a very important part of you, you were in her tummy once and now she is a part of you, loving you and watching you and wanting you to be the best person you can be. ...read more.

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