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Todays ultimate feminists.

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Today's ultimate feminists essay In "Today's ultimate feminists" (The guardian, March 6 2006) Kate Taylor gives her opinion on the issue of old fashioned feminism's reaction to raunch culture. She suggests raunch culture is, contrary to Levy's thought, all about the liberation of women in the way that it promotes "the fundamental feminist project of allowing every woman to be her own specific self"; women are rediscovering the joy of being loved for their bodies". In opposition to Levy's thought, Taylor Comments that there is in the promotion of the message that women exist solely for the sexual gratification of men and boys, that what's really being exploited are "men's sexual responses, to give money to women." As a whole, she portrays women's situation as favorable and as the evolution of feminism. Raunch culture will succeed and will overcome as modern feminism. ...read more.


In this article Taylor states many arguments but overall what she is trying to clarify is that raunch culture is a good movement but in some parts of her article she expresses women to be, as modern society call easy women and bye doing this she creates in some aspects atmosphere as women being easy. This attitude produces a tendency in the article to mock, in a certain way, men as a whole, creating competition between the two sexes, "Men you can relax. You are no longer the enemy"; always in the search of a more deep feminism that seeks not only impartiality but empowerment and dominance. The sense of competition is shown from the start of the article in which a previous declaration of war is presented, by which women and men are in constant conflict. ...read more.


Taylor, in my opinion, sets out with the aim of persuading readers to share the view that raunch culture is a permissible movement because it gives women freedoms and she suggests raunch culture is only the continuation of old-style feminism. The central message of the text, to explain to women and men (mostly women) that raunch culture is not bad and contrary to that it is good because it gives women freedom to express themselves for who they really are, however I think that the ideals of Taylor are in some aspects wrong because not all women are that way and the ideals of women and their rights are each time being forgotten by men meaning that in a not so distant future men will see women as things and not as humans. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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