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Tom - Drama Play

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Tom is a lonely man in his late thirties. He's always happy to see people and makes every effort to help people who need his services. It is mid afternoon. It's no good this soil always cloggin' up my fork. If only Maggie was here, then she'd know what to do. She'd help me out. But there was something that she used to say, something about if you mix half a dozen eggs and a weight of butter in then, you'd. No wait a minute that's her famous Victoria sponge. Oh I don't half get mixed up nower days. Luckily though Maggie's still looking after the vegetables otherwise there'd be nothing left, I'll tell you what though this extra bit of rain that we've had ain't just cooled the place down but has really helped along the garden, it's looking wonderful after the slow start. That little corner over their needs a bit of a sort out, and that pond well it's all over grown. ...read more.


Go To Black. Come up on Tom sitting in his dusty old armchair, with a book in his lap. It is evening. What a day I had, working at Hilda's. That garden doesn't half need a prune. Everything's overgrown and I'll tell ya it'll take me a good few day just to sort it out, then there's the replanting and the reorganising. But you have to feel sorry for the old dear, she's been a widow for seven years now. I've tried once or twice to talk to her about Geoffrey, her husband, but I still know nothing. There's always the cake in the oven or the washing to take out, but this is always in order to change the subject, so I've given up. We met in the post office. I was collecting a parcel and she was receiving her pension. When she mentioned gardens well instantly got talking and the next day I was in her garden, which was only earlier to day. ...read more.


Always faffing around is she, I bet she hasn't even left her house yet. Well can tell you I'm never late, never have I ever been late, never! Actually there was the once but under the circumstances it was expectable. It was a summer's eve and I forgot maggie's birthday, but the only reason I remembered was because I happened to pass the corner shop and clicked. By the time I'd been in to the shops and got home it had added another twenty-five minutes to my journey. This left me forty minutes late altogether. There's a loud, sharp knock at the Door! "Are you Mr Thomas Whitherbed." Yes I replied. Why what's happened, it's not bad is it. I was started to panic and I had every right to seeing as Becky had not turned up yet. "There's been a fatal accident." At the sound of those words I broke down. After that experience for the second time I tried to cope with it with more braveness, but then I thought to my self........... She always liked the Roses! ...read more.

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