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Tonga - My School and the kind of Future of I want for my country

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THE REEF OF TODAY IS THE ISLAND OF TOMORROW: ?My School and the kind of Future of I want for my country? Coral reef is what makes up an island. The best and least threatened reef contributes to a strong and better island, such as Tonga?s eastern arc: Tongatapu, Ha?apai and Vava?u. Education is one of the necessities each child should have. Without education, you are looking forward to no destination. Education contributes to your life as an individual and family, church and country as a whole. It is obvious that Tonga today is experiencing so many rapid changes. Technological changes, political changes, economical changes and even social and cultural changes. We can perhaps say, new buildings are constructed, the land is productive but people still claim to be poor and hungry, teenage pregnancy rate is increasing and also, unemployment rate is still on the move upwards. ...read more.


This reflects that they will excel in all activities and would die to perform their very best for Tonga, their country. Knowing that this was the first government school ever established in the Kingdom, it shows that this is the best school. Syllables taught at school are well-formed, teachers are multi-skilled, appropriate and best disciplines are given and even technologies and equipments are advanced. These are all under the umbrella of Education and they all contribute to a better future. At school, 97% of our teachers? times are used for teaching and helping out students with their academic endeavors. Students are also well-fed with great disciplines concerning social, physical, cultural and mental issues, thus, students of Tonga College ?Atele obtain the best grades. ...read more.


These are my views and the kind of future I want for my country and I strongly believe that these can be achieved by having the best education. I highly recommend as well, that having the best education plus the best teachers, disciplines and equipments will definitely lead to a better person. This better person will build a better family. This better family will contribute to a better country. A better country deserves a better future. Therefore, I believe that my school has all the factors that contribute to a single and fragile reef such as providing a safe, healthy and least threatened environment in order for the reefs to develop mature and become a strong island in the future. Tonga College ?Atele has all that I need for my future in order to build up that future for my country, Tonga. ...read more.

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