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Tony Kites, the Arch Deceiver

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English Coursework: Wide Reading Tony Kites, the Arch Deceiver is written by a male (Thomas Hardy) and deals with a male and female relationship. The females in this story are portrayed as quite stupid and easily led on. When considering the time of when the prose was written (1870's) then the women would of also been quite presumptuous and forward. They would have been described as brazen, because in the 1800's women would only be alone with a man if they were married. I believe that if this was wrote by a female author then the women would not of been depicted as they were but as intellectual and level-headed. Your shoes by Michele Roberts deals mainly with a mother and daughter relationship. It also covers a sub-relationship with the narrator's mother, father and husband. The story has been written in the last decade so it is fairly modern. This must be considered when reading the story as in the time it was wrote men and women were both equal. In the beginning of Your Shoes we are under the impression that the mother is very worried about her daughter's disappearance. She imagines where her daughter could be, what she may be eating. 'I hope your eating something' form this we get the notion that she is anxious for her daughter's well being. ...read more.


'We talked about things she couldn't understand.' She looked down on her mother, but not her father although he was strict wither her, maybe this is because her mother wasn't so firm. The narrator says that the mother envied the relationship the narrator had with her father. 'She was jealous because I loved my father more than her.' Did the narrator know this, or is she just saying it to make herself feel better? I think that the narrator may have been jealous of the father and mothers love. The narrator's relationship with her husband doesn't seem very loving; she married him to get over someone. 'I married your father on the rebound, everybody knew I was desperately in love with Pete...' this makes us think the relationship is not based on love but maybe need. 'In their proper places, no fuss, like a husband and wife.' It as if the wife married her husband because she had nobody else, and needed the security. Tony Kytes relationships with the three girls he proposes to are not very strong. He doesn't have much reverence or respect for the girls as he willingly asks each of them to marry him when he is well aware that the others are in earshot. Through his conversation with the girls, he reveals himself as being an indecisive, weak but well meaning character. ...read more.


The narrator ends up curled in a foetal position sucking on the shoelaces these enable her to feel closer to her daughter, but it is as if she has become the child now. In the last lines she imagines her daughter home with her, but could also be translating her own feelings for her mother into the situation. The last line could be her professing her love to her own mother, something she hasn't done and should have done. In contrast, Tony Kytes is a lighthearted tale of a man who would be seen in the present day as a 'player' somebody who messes around with women. He is very easily led on and finds it hard to say no, similar to the girls in this prose. In this story attitudes change quickly when an elder, or male is around, people become more respectful and aren't so impractical. The time in which this was written is particularly important as if a similar thing occurred nowadays it would not be so shocking and the male would be thought of as a bit stupid. The girls would have been seen in the same light. If Your Shoes was wrote over 200 years ago then the daughter's behaviour would not of been acceptable and the mother wouldn't be so remorseful about marrying her husband, emotions would have been bottled up more. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Dovaston - 1 - ...read more.

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