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Tony Kytes and Eveline

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At the end of both stories the female characters are faced with a choice. How do you account for the decisions the women take? In your opinion who is the strongest of the women? The two stories I am going to write about are Eveline and Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver. They are both similar stories about women having to make life changing decisions. James Joyce who wrote Eveline was an Irish novelist born in 1882.Eveline was set in the 1900s in Dublin. Eveline is in James Joyce's collection of short stories called 'Dubliners'. Thomas Hardy who wrote Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver was a British novelist born in 1840. Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver was set in the 1890s in the West Country in a rural community Both stories are about women who have a decision to make that will change their life. Both stories were written in a patriarchal society when men dominated women who had no independence. The main characters in Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver are Unity Sallet, Hannah Jolliver and Milly Richards. Unity Sallet is a manipulative and crafty girl we can analyse this when she says, "Why did ye desert me for that other one in what way is she better than I?" ...read more.


work to keep the house together and to see that the two children who had been left in her charge went to school regularly and got their meals" Eveline has to care for the children, do the shopping, and go to work, make the dinner and put up with her abusive father. In the story Eveline says she had to keep her promise to her mother. In the Tony Kytes story the women have to decide whether to marry Tony or not .Tony has betrayed them all in some way or another. Tony has also embarrassed him self while doing it. In Eveline she has to choose between staying in Dublin with her abusive and mean father and going to Buenos Ayres with her husband to be Frank to start a new life. The women have a choice to marry Tony and settle down or to refuse to marry him and find another man or live alone. Hannah refused to marry Tony because her father was there and she was scratched on her face. Hannah did not want to make her father think that she is weak and pathetic enough to marry a man who cant keep his promises but in a way Hannah was forced to say no because her father was there. ...read more.


"But she wanted to live .Why should she be unhappy? She had a right to happiness. Frank would take her in his arms, fold her in his arms. He would save her" The weakest of the women is Milly as she accepts Tony offer to marry him even though he asked the other two to marry him right in front of her and she is asked last. But Milly got what she wanted in the end. But Eveline made her own decision and had no help to make her decision. The woman's choices tell you that the position of the women in that society was not balanced. Women did have many restrictions as they were not allowed to continue their education like men. So their only option was marriage and having to look after the next generation of children. Eveline did not have anyone to help her make her decision. In the Tony Kytes story Milly would get married at any cost. Women in the nineteenth century did not have many choices and marriage was only one of their choices to lead a happy and full life. The position of women has changed drastically since the time of the stories as nowadays women can vote, have equal pay, have careers that were normally dominated by men and they can have the choice to get married. By Prema Jadavji ...read more.

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