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Tony Kytes and The Unexpected

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Introduction It is difficult for us today to understand how men and women related 100 years ago as society has changed so much. Men were much more dominate and usually earned the money. The Unexpected In The Unexpected, character Dorothea exported very independence. Dorothea is passionately in love with Randall until he becomes ill. Randall was getting die. He demanded to her that marries with him before die. You can see how Randall's desire to posses about Dorothea. "We need not wait, Dorothea, We must not put it off. Lit the marriage be at once, and you will come with me and be with me. Oh, God! I feel as if I would never lit you go; as if I must hold you in my arms forever, night and day, and always!" But she falls out of love already. ...read more.


Through one women's dependence, we can see nineteenth century's women wanted to escape from men. Tony Kytes In Tony Kytes, this is a funny story told by a silly, drunken old man in the back of a cat. Of course the women come over slightly pathetic but so does Tony. Tony move about in confusion among the three women. The only people in this to emerge, as 'winners' are the fathers. Probably because they are old like the narrator. In Tony Kytes through Hannah's father Mr. Jolliver's advice, you can realize this. "Be you willing Hannah' I ask ye to have spirit enough to refuse him, if you virtue is left to 'ee and you run no risk?" The advice of Tony's father is probably the only moral of this story, in that it is about proper male/female behavior. ...read more.


Comparisons In The Unexpected, Dorothea is the most modern woman and is to be praised for her desire for true love. It shows that women can dependence without men's help. But the story least kind to women is Speckled Band as it shows them as defenseless and needing a strong man to look after them. But it also shows then to have no real control over theirown future and money. Tony is weak, slightly stupid and silly as is the narrator. However the fathers do came out well in the story. It is hard to compare any of the characters, as they are such different stories so the best advice is not to try. However if we have any brilliant insights then share them. Conclusion These three stories are very different stories and are not very similar. But one can see that how different the social/historical situation was in comparison with today, especially with regard to money. However in Dorothea we can see a forerunner of women today. ...read more.

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