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Tony Kytes- The Arch Deceiver (Thomas Hardy) Seeing A Beauty Queen Home (Bill Naughton)

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GCSE Coursework Yetunde Olaseinde Tony Kytes- The Arch Deceiver (Thomas Hardy) Seeing A Beauty Queen Home (Bill Naughton) "Both Rudy and Tony Kytes are daring characters who try to manipulate the women around them. Yet in the end both are weaker than the women in each story." Compare the two male characters and discuss whether or not you agree with this statement. Both Tony Kytes and Rudy end up weaker than the women in each story. Because of this, it is necessary to compare both male characters and discuss whether or not they truly had good intentions but also investigate certain factors that could have affected the outcomes of both men at the end. This will mean examining both male and female characters in each story. Looking also at the morals and ideas of when the prose was written imply this probably had an affect on certain actions by the men and women because of the time in which they lived. Tony Kytes- The Arch deceiver is set in the late nineteenth century (1890's) in rural Wessex (Dorset) and is written by Thomas Hardy who lived in this part of Wessex for a period of time. The story basically deals with the relationships between men and women pre the First World War. It displays attitudes towards women in a very traditional way. During the nineteenth century men had all the power, control and respect. ...read more.


When he realises that her grandmother seems to keep interrupting them, he decides to take the situation into his own hands by deceiving her grandmother, pretending that he was someone else. Similarly, Tony Kytes manages to deceive all three women, promising to marry them. Even at the end when he settles for his last choice, Milly Richards, (the only one of the three women to accept his proposal of marriage after she watched him ask the other two women before her) she asks "you didn't really mean what you said to them," and Tony, in his usual deceitful self lies right through his teeth, "not a word of it!" The way in which Rudy deceives Maggie seriously questions whether or not he held any true regard for her feelings or for women in general. Tony, also seemed to display a lack reverence or respect towards all three women in the story as he asks them all in turn at the end to marry him knowing full well that the others were in earshot. His lack of regard for the women's feelings is highlighted when, after promising to marry Unity instead of Milly, he then has a conversation with Milly about their marriage, "my dear Milly- my coming wife", fully aware that Unity was right behind them, hidden in the back of the wagon. In Tony Kytes, through his conversation with the girls, he reveals himself as being an indecisive, weak but well meaning character. ...read more.


The stories are both written in a style that makes it real to the reader. This is because they are written in the way that people speak rather than correct English. The use of dialect "nunny-watch" and "stumer" would have made the stories familiar to readers of the time. In conclusion, both Rudy and Tony Kytes do not get what they want because of the way in which they treat the women in both stories. This is because they lie and deceive the women. The statement mad is probably more suitable when it comes to the story of Seeing A Beauty Queen Home. This is because the main drive for Rudy's cunning and deceitful character is the way he thought of himself and his effect on women. Because women were attracted to him, he thought he could use them and treat them how he wanted. But he had underestimated how smart and independent women had grown and so was the reason for his unsatisfied end. However, Tony's actions seemed to be mainly influenced by in which the time the story was set. Women were not respected or thought of as equal to men and so he was just treating them with as much respect as he thought they deserved. The women in his story were also manipulative and seemed to throw themselves at him. He was a well meaning character who did want to settle down but found himself confused and used lying as a way to get himself out of the situation. ...read more.

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