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'' Tony Kytes ,The Arch Deciever '' In this essay Im going to explain the situation's faced by the women and why each involves a social and emotional choice.

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'' Tony Kytes ,The Arch Deciever '' In this essay Im going to explain the situation's faced by the women and why each involves a social and emotional choice. " Tony Kytes The Arch Deciever" is a comical hilarious story of an afternoon when Tony was driving home from the market in his wagon .A pretty girl called Unity to whom he was quite close before he met his present fianc� stoppped him and asked him to give her a lift home ."My dear tony ,will you give me a lift home?". "That I will ,darling ,Said Tony. "You don't suppose I could refuse 'ee?'.Unity souds flirtatious and sounds as though she hasn't got over him.Tony sounds charming and willing to please her.They were riding along,having a flirtatious conversation when Tony saw Milly ,his fianc�.Milly is a " a nice, and light tender",She likes flattery and She is obdient and does anything Tony asks her.Tony is a desirable catch he is a womaniser and can wrap the women round his finger when he wants." O the petticoats went off, and the breeches they went on! and all the rest of the scandalous stuff.He was quite the woman's favourite ,and in return for their likings he loved 'em in shoals.He was a woman's man . ...read more.


who is being more manipulative,Tony or the girls .Tony seems to be in less command of the situation than any of the girls .As he is continually acting on impulse.The girls on the other hand are each acting with clear intention on having Tony for a husband.However , because of the nature of a woman's place in the society of the time ,Tony ultimately has the upper hand.The women must wait to be chosen. The Half -brothers is a story of a young widow who's only happiness is her child.She is forced to remarry an older man with whom she has a child with because of her financial situation. This story is about the way in which both children are treated differently by their father. William Preston is very desirable because he is very wealthy and can provide for Helen and her son Gregory. Helen is poverty striken as her husband left her in debt,the farm is losing money.She had a lot of grief to deal with as her daughter died two weeks before Gregory was born.The setting of the story also shows a sence of alonesss,most of the story taking place on the harsh and lonely fells.There was also the lack of relatives and friends at the funeral of her daughter.It shows that she doesn't even have hope of ...read more.


Gregory more than him but in the end William really pays for his wickedness he feels a sence of remorse and he's got a gulit trip he suddenly realises that you can't take away a mother's love for her child he regrets treating Gregory the way he did he knows that Gregory didn't deserve to be treated like that.He realises its too late to turn back the clock and make a mends with Gregory because he's dead.He pays for his jeaously ,he is eternally sorry for what he did to gegory. Today women wouldn't have to be put in the situation that Milly and Helen were in but the victorian era was differen't ,they had no choice if they wanted to be treated equally in the victorian era.I think the three women in Tony Kytes story wanted to marry him because in this case it was a case of desperation but in those days women weren't able to provide for themselves,the men were breadwinners.In those days women weren't allo wed to own anything like a house so they had to marry so they could be in a stable house hold and the men could provide for them,In those days women also thought they had to marry as early as possible in order to gain social independence. By Aretha Munroe 11H ...read more.

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